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Default Re: Overclocking 8800GT

Originally Posted by nagasama View Post
there's lots of "stock" speeds. 600/900 is the reference speed.
i leave mine at stock 600/900/1500 for everyday.
its a killer card, and you really dont need to go higher than that for playing games.
for benchmarks, it will go 700/1000/1875.
my best bench was at 690 core.
i wouldnt go straight to 700 core if you have a 600 core card. i'd try 625-650 first.
ati tool sucks IMO, riva tuner does a better job i think.
Stock XFX.

So 600 is core clock, 900 is memory, and what is 1500? Is that shader?

and artifcats are like tearing of the screen? I get that with my 6200, is thier a scanner to detect it?

I will just start messing and is it like overclocking were if I OC the core, I ened to OC the mem?
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