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Default Re: Is it better to run 1 2gb of DDR2 ram or 2 1gb ?

Originally Posted by gurusan View Post
The dude just cut and pasted a wikipedia article...and didn't even answer the guy's question.

I gave him a straight answer right away, that's hardly being a "tw@t", now is it.
Yeah, you gave him a straight answer, but not necessarily the right one.

What happens in a year when you need 4 GB for most games? He will get 2 more 1 GB sticks. And then when more than that is required he will have 4 sticks of RAM to throw in the trash.

I would buy the 2GBs as you will see little performance increase right now from the 2 x 1GB configuration.

Then when you need to upgrade in the future, you won't be full when you go to 4 GB.

****, I just did a fresh install of Vista and I have IE and Steam running and Task Manager has me using almost 2 GB of RAM right now.

If you don't think 4 GB is gonna be the standard soon for high-end machines then you are crazy.

Also, this is the High Performance forum, not the General PC forums. I thought most people in here would understand what I'm saying.
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