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Originally Posted by vernong1992 View Post
ya.. Spanish.. i've got a conjugating test on it tomorrow.. (just for the AR infinitives... yawn.. so easy..) anyways back to the topic.. isn't the 7950m the best Laptop GPU out there? how come no high end 8 series for the laptops.. i don't want the Penryn's to be limited by a 7950
Actually, the Dell XPS M1730's 8700M-GT in SLi gives a whopping 8000+ marks in 3DMark06...

The Sager NP9260 with it's SLi'd Go7950GTX is better, but doesn't offer DX10 and the other 8 series features, and it's an unfair comparison because it uses a desktop chipset platform; it's a power-hungry muthatucka.

The 8700M-GT is the fastest notebook-specific graphics solution, and of course, even faster in SLI.
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