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Dingadilly 06-05-2007 12:42 PM

XP Screen Resoloution w/ 2 User Accounts
Howdy All.

I'm looking for (hopefully) someone to find this an easy question.

The Situation: I've created a user account for myself on my girlfriend's computer,divided the start menu's and got all programs running pretty much as i want them. However I prefer 1024x768 screen rez whereas she is much happier with the 800x600 rez.

The Problem: Whenever we switch from one user to the other. The screen resoloution doesn't change properly. We both have our desktops laid out differently and this is becoming somewhat of a hassle having to change the resoloution back 2 or even 3 times just to get it back as the user left it.

The Bit i Got Stuck On: I've pretty much exhausted what i know trying to rectify this and i've got a sinking feeling that its just something that winXP can't do. A google search yielded nothing promising and I'm hoping maybe that its just something i don't know or that there's a 3rd party prog somewhere that can rectify this specific issue etc.

Anyone who's tried to run a multiple user system with different screen resoloutions will prolly know what i'm talking about.
Workarounds or suggestions from all quarters are welcome and very much appreciated :)

Thank you for taking the time to read me.



Osiris 06-05-2007 12:58 PM

Re: XP Screen Resoloution w/ 2 User Accounts
Windows XP has the annoying habit of assuming that every user wants to run his operating system with the same screen resolution, color depth and refresh rate. If you ever had to share a computer running windows xp with older folks you know what I mean - they tend to love low resolutions because everything on the screen appears to be bigger that way.
The tool xp user display settings stores the following information for every user on a single machine separately and loads those settings once the user logs into his account. Every user may choose the resolution, refresh rate and color depth that he likes to work with ignoring the settings of other users who have a account on that machine as well.
Xp user display settings does not seem to support fast user switching, that is at least what the author is stating at the products homepage. He suggest that you user XP Keep per user display settings instead which seems to support fast user switching. It would be best if you would take a look at the read me file which comes included with both programs to know what they do and how to remove them completely if something goes wrong.

Dingadilly 06-05-2007 02:43 PM

Re: XP Screen Resoloution w/ 2 User Accounts
"I'm looking for (hopefully) someone to find this an easy question."

I guess that would be "Warez Monster"

Many many thanks man. That post will help me out loads.

Regards (In Semi-Awe)


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