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Zooropa 10-17-2003 03:26 PM

XP is having a domestic with my webcam software...

I have a Creative Webcam Pro.

Now, XP has installed it ok, drivers went in fine.

Windows Movie Marker: File > Record lets me use the webcam, and I can see myself, and all is well.

However, the software I got with the webcam claims it's not plugged in , and it cant detect the webcam.
Which is selfish lies.

Any idea what could be up? A wee Google search reveals a few people have had the problem. Tired updating drivers etc, but nothing. Creative has nothing on the site.

I'm thinking I should just find some software which fills a similar role.

Just taking snapshots, and *maybe* short videos.

Any suggestions?

Zooropa 11-04-2003 07:37 PM


Problem still happening.

Anyone got any suggestions for substitue software?

CrashAbbott 11-04-2003 11:35 PM

Just a thought,,

did you try installing the software in compatibility mode? I know it is a little tricky,, but i have had some good successes when facing just a situation like your own,,

It's worth a try,, if the original software was for win98,, then during the compatibility wizard install you get the simulation option ,,

Other than that,, what do you want the software to do?? Just make and edit video captured?

Movie Maker should fill all your basic needs for nice little movies and slide shows,,

where do you want to go today?(heh heh)


Zooropa 11-05-2003 12:45 AM

Thanks, I'll try that when I'm a little more awake.

I managed to get Black and White working on XP through installing under that - refuses to work when patched though :S

Anyway - the software I'm generally just looking for it to take snapshots so I can be a camwhore :)

Not overly bothered about videos.


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