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Question Windows startup files

I run windows 98, and when I start it up on the black screen before windows is even running there are a few files that it says are miss placed. It was something I removed off the computer when I first got it (some else ran a network on the computer) so I don't need the files. And I was wondering how do I make it so it doesn't even search for those few files? (Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, I don't post on here much.)

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could be a BIOS option but it could be required for the system to boot im not sure though ill let you know more as i find out more . anyone else please feel free to answer if you know what it is im just going out on a limb here.


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What it is 4 novell files are trying to load at bootup.
it says something like unable to find

and after each one it says press any key to continue.. windows still boots up and runs fine after I go through this stuff. But it still is a hastle to not be able to turn on the computer and walk away. Also I just don't like my computers to have things wrong with it.

And like I said, I got this computer from a friend of mine that had novell running on a little network of computers he had. But I took all that crap off of there, and now this stuff comes up. If need be I can write down exactly what it says. But that will have to wait till tomorrow, its 3:50am and I'm tired.
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Sounds like it might being trying to network boot first..check in the BIOS the startup order..I usually set it to CD-ROM, FLOPPY, HARD DRIVE..and have network boot disabled unless you need it. It could also be something starting with the OS that is set to launch as a a START>RUN>MSCONFIG while in windows and disable all unneeded items under the startup tab..if I recall at least I think MSCONFIG is part of 98..been so long. Starup items you are specifically looking for are items related to that novell client.

Also another thing you can do is check under your network protocols if the novell protocol is installed..if it is you can unisntall it as you dont need it on a home machine off a network.
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I checked the msconfig, its not in there. And they're no novell files left anywhere on the comp., so that must mean it has to be bios trying to load it. I'll check that and post what came about tomorrow when I wake up. Thanks for the help guys.
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Locate and open the unc32.exe file on the CD-ROM.

The file is in the products\win95\ibm_language \admin folder.

(Conditional) If you want to remove any ODITM drivers installed on the workstation, check the Remove Novell 32-bit ODI Adapter check box.

This check box appears only if a 32-bit ODI adapter has been installed on the workstation.

Click Continue.

The Uninstall process begins.

WARNING: Once you click Continue, the Uninstall process cannot be canceled. Do not try to stop the Uninstall process by turning off the machine. Doing so could result in a corrupted registry. If the registry becomes corrupt, errors will occur the next time you start the workstation. Run unc32.exe again to finish uninstalling the client and to clean up the registry.

Click Reboot when the Uninstall process is complete.

What the Uninstall Utility Does
The Uninstall utility uses a seven-step process to remove Novell Client for Windows 95 from the workstation.

Restores netdef.inf.
The netdef.inf file contains three sections, called [TYPICAL], [COMPACT], and [PORTABLE]. Each of these sections includes three lines (NetClient, NetTrans, and NetService), which indicate default components to be added each time a network board (adapter) is detected.

The sections might contain other lines as well, but these three lines are the only lines that the Uninstall utility changes.The Install utility changes the defaults to use the Novell Client, so the Uninstall utility resets the defaults back to the Microsoft* Client pieces.

Removes Novell components from the Network control panel.
The Uninstall utility removes the following components, listed in the unc32.ini file, from the Network control panel:

Novell Client (novell32)IPX 32-bit protocol for Novell Client (novellipx32)Novell NetWare®/IPTM (nwip)
Novell SNMP Agent (nwsnmp)
Network Management Responder for Novell Client (nwnmr)
Host Resources MIB for Novell Client (nwnms)Target Services Agent (nwtsa)Novell IP Gateway (nwipxip)Novell Distributed Print ServicesTM (nwndps)
If 32-bit ODI is installed and the user does not check the Remove Novell 32-bit ODI Adapter check box, Uninstall
then deletes 27 registry keys.
If 32-bit ODI is not installed, or if it is installed and the user checks the Remove Novell 32-bit ODI Adapter check box, then Uninstall deletes five registry keys.

Cleans up the HKLM\Enum section of the system registry by deleting nine registry keys. (See uninstal.hlp.)
Cleans up the HKLM\Class section of the system registry by removing subkeys. (See uninstal.hlp.)
Cleans up the HKLM\Network\Novell section of the system registry. (See uninstal.hlp.)
The keys that the Uninstall utility deletes from the HKLM\Network\Novell section of the registry are determined by whether Uninstall is removing 32-bit ODI.

In addition, Uninstall deletes the ODI driver and its .inf file.

Cleans up Install files.
What the Uninstall utility does to clean up the Install files depends on whether the ODI driver is being removed.

If the ODI driver is not removed, the client- and services-specific Install files are removed.
If the ODI driver is removed, all ODI LAN driver .inf files listed in the [odi.inf] section of the unc32.inf file are removed in addition to the client- and services-specific Install files.

Removes unc32.inf from the windows\inf directory

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