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dr_shark 09-14-2005 04:21 PM

Windows Explorer Problem
Hey everyone, ;)

I'm having a big problem with my computer right now. For some reason, when I boot up my computer, explorer will not start up. The desktop appears but there are no icons, no taskbar, no start button, nothing. I went into Ctrl+Alt+Delete and went into "New Task (Run)" and typed in explorer. It ran....only for a second, then dissapeared.

I run a Windows Xp on a eMachines T1100 (yea I know it's crappy:rolleyes:) Here are the system specs in case it will help:

Celeron Processor
CPU 1.00 Ghz
350 MB RAM

Right now I'm on my dad's notebook but this is being inconvient for us. The only way I can run programs on the eMachine is to use "New Task (run)" and browse for programs under c:/. I've also tried "safe mode" and "revert to last configurations that worked" but none of them work. Safe Mode crashes before it starts and revert freezes.

Any help?

brady 09-14-2005 04:25 PM

This is going to sound weird but i have seen it work before... ( ok maybe 3 things ).

If you have an OS disk stick it in and see what happens.
If you have the oppourtunity, select repair.

also... if you can access anything for the apporpriate amount of time.

You can try to repair your IE through add/remove programs...
I know i know, you think it has nothing to do with it. Just try and see.

Another thing you can do is check to make sure its not a profile issue.
If you have another profile/acct on the machine try to use that one.
You can rebuild your local profile by renaming it in the documents and settings folder.

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