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squirrellym 10-04-2007 06:11 PM

Windows boot nightmare.
Hello all,
circumstances have changed, so i decided to ask this on this forum instead....

ello all,
I recently (15 minutes ago) decided I wanted to install Ubuntu on my Windows XP computer. I used G-parted to reallocate 30gb of unallocated space on my HDD. I made a 20GB ext3 drive, a 2gb swap drive, and a 7gb FAT32 drive for transfer between OS's. I put in the LiveCD for 7.04, and I manually edited partitions for install. Before the install was complete, I canceled it, because I decided I didnt want to install Linux right then. (bad choice). I tried booting, but got my mobo's boot agent.. I thought that was odd, so I put back in G-parted, and checked the Partitions. My Windows one was still there. I deleted all the partitions I was going to use for Linux and turned them back into unallocated space. I then tried booting into XP again, but yet again, got the boot agent. I tried manually booting from the partition in G-parted, but I got a message stating "Error when accessing disk" . I tried this again, and the "booting from partition 1" screen just froze there. I tried making a new NFTS partition to re-intall windows on, and then transfer the files from the other windows partition was on, but that plot was foiled once I got the the Product Key screen, it said my key was invalid, even though i took it directly off the back of my case and checked it twice. I also tried using the "repair drive" function on the WindowsXP CD, but hit yet another brick wall when it asked for an admin password. I typed in my password, but it said it was invalid. I tried this a couple of times, until the CD booted my from the repair function. Is there any way to get Windows to boot again without a total reinstall? Is there something like GRUB on the MBR that isn't allowing it to load? Did I make the HDD corrupt? will i have to get another Windows Product Key to reinstall if I need to do that?
Thanks so much to those who help!
Thats me.
I finally managed to reset the password for Windows using Knoppix and mad regedit skills. (not really all that mad, its a simple things to do). Unfortunately, the recovery console off the CD does me no good. After Making a new Boot Sector, a new MBR, and using chkdsk /p to scan for corrupted files, but to no avail. The CD insists there is nothing wrong.... But why is it that my boot list, which has my HDD as primary boot device, ignores my HDD and skips to the next like there is nothing on it? I've checked it with Gparted,too, nothing.

forrestcupp 10-05-2007 01:33 PM

Re: Windows boot nightmare.
Well, the easiest way to be able to boot to Windows would be to just install Ubuntu like you were going to. It's really worth checking out. When you install Ubuntu, it will set up the grub boot loader. Unless you hosed your Windows install, grub will recognize that you have Windows and make it a choice in your boot menu. You can always resize your partitions again later with GParted Live CD if you end up needing more space for Windows. You also can set up Windows to be the default OS in grub if you want to.

The reasons that I am telling you this is because the Windows recovery console wasn't working for you, and Ubuntu is really a joy to experience, even if it's not your main OS.

EricB 10-05-2007 01:55 PM

Re: Windows boot nightmare.
this will work if you have not delete anything drastic yet. fixntldr.exe

Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

squirrellym 10-06-2007 12:12 PM

Re: Windows boot nightmare.
hmmm.. i backed up using Ubuntu, reformatted, and reinstalled. All is well... except for not befing able to find the right drivers for my wireless card.

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