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Question Winamp Hotkeys

I play Half-Life 2 and related games and I was just wondering if while I am playing the full-screen game if there was a way to hit a key (such as f12) and it would exit winamp, or you could hit a button and change something in winamp, like the volume or go to the next song.

I know this is possible using Ventrillo, like you hit a key in a fullscreen game and it lets you talk. So I was just wondering if it was possible for other things.


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Q: What does the Equalizer do?
A: The equalizer is similar to the bass and treble controls on a stereo or radio, however you get individualized control of specific bass or treble frequencies. The left side are the bass frequencies and the right are the treble. The higher the more bass/treble, lower positions the less bass/treble and center is normal. The preamp is similar to a volume control on the EQ.

Q: What are Presets?
A: Presets let you save or load custom equalizer settings. Winamp already comes with a default set of presets...
press Preset button.

select Load

click Preset...

There should be a list to choose from, make a choice

click OK

You can also set your own (user) presets and save them
Set the EQ sliders to your liking

press Preset button.

select Save

click Preset...

give it a name and Save

Q: Where can I find more presets? Where can I find presets for other genres?
A: To paraphrase, “presets are in the 'ear' of the beholder”. It all depends on the listener and the sound system on their computer. However, if you are interested in more presets read here. Note what was mentioned about installing "Winamp.q1" presets and how that will replace the default preset file.

Q: What are auto presets? What does the 'Auto' button do?
A: Auto presets can be set for specific media files and automatically load for each media file.
set the EQ to the way you like for a currently playing song or current file in main/player window.

press Presets button

select Save

select Auto-load preset...

press the Save button
When the Equalizer and Auto buttons are on the EQ will change automatically for each media file that has an auto preset.

Set a default for non auto preset...
set the sliders to your preference for a default

press Presets button

select Preset...

select Default

Q: Will auto-presets work for audio CDs?
A: Auto-presets are based on filenames. You can add auto-presets for CD tracks, however as CD tracks are represented as Track##.cda (where ## is the track number) the presets will also be applied to tracks on other CDs.

Q: Will auto-presets work with Internet radio (EG SHOUTcast)?
A: Yes. If the stream's address is static (does not change) auto-presets will work.

Q: When using the EQ I get static, choppy music or other distortions, what can I do to fix it?

A: Try these DirectSound tweaks. People with lower end systems may want to close some extra applications. Make sure you have the latest updates to the sound drivers and DirectX for your system.

Using a DSP/Effect plug-in with the EQ may be overkill so try disabling either one. The Equalizer is a DSP/Effects "plug-in" built into the Winamp core. Using two DSPs requires extra resources, which can cause distortion. Also, running a signal through two DSPs is sort of like making a photocopy of a photocopy. The second photocopy may have very noticeable imperfections.

Q: Why is there no Equalizer item on the right click menu?
A: Some modern skins don't have an Equalizer menu item built in to the skin. That will usually occur with modern skins that have the EQ built in to the main player. It is up to the author to include one.

Q: Why doesn't the toggle EQ window shortcut key work?
A: Not all modern skins will have the Alt+G shortcut key build in to the skin. That will usually occur with modern skins that have the EQ built in to the main player. It is up to the author include the Alt+G shortcut. If that is not it, another possibility may be the nVidia nView issue.

Q: Why doesn't the 0db shortcut/"button" for normal values work?
A: On all classic skins and the Winamp Modern default you can click on 0db to set the EQ to all normal ("flat level") values. However, not all third party modern skins have the 0db shortcut. It is up to the skin author to include one. As a alternative or workaround set normal values for a user preset or for the Default preset. When you are using a modern skin without the 0db shout cut, click Presets button > click Load button > select the preset accordingly/respectively.

Q: Why wont the Equalizer shortcut keys work?
A: EQ shortcut keys will only work with classic skins (sorry ). As a workaround for modern skins try DrO's EQ Hotkeys plug-in.

Q: Why does the EQ have a default or generic look?
A: If the skin author did not include an Equalizer skin Winamp will substitute one. It is up to the skin author to include all windows in skins. All skins at have fully skinned equalizers.

Q: The EQ window is gone, where is it?
A: Don't panic, read this thread.

Q: Arrrr, I go to 'Presets > Load > Preset...' and there is nothing in the box. Help me!
A: Either the preset file is missing or has become corrupted. You can download default/original preset file here. While Winamp is not running, download the file directly to the Winamp folder or download it to another folder then move (or copy) the file to the WA folder.

Q: How can I get the EQ work with CDs?
A: For CDs

Plug-ins > Input

double click Nullsoft CD\LineIn Plug-in

checkmark 'Enable digital audio extraction when possible' and/or 'Use Sonic engine when possible'

close out of Prefs

close & restart Winamp
Read here for info regarding CD auto-presets

Q: How can I get the EQ work with MIDIs?
A: Depending on your preference...

Method #1

Plug-ins > Input

double click Nullsoft MIDI player

Device tab

under the Device: drop-down list select 'Direct Music / Microsoft Synthesizer (with output)'
Method #2

Plug-ins > Input

double click Nullsoft MIDI player

Device tab > midiOut device or something that closely reflects your soundcard

Sampling tab

checkmark "Sampling Enabled" and "Send to Winamp's output system"

close out of prefs.
It may take some trial & error with settings. You also may want to try a different device in the Sampling tab.

Q: How can I get the EQ work with LineIn or Microphone?
A: To do this you will need Jasper's LineIn plugin. Documentation is provided with the plug-in's ReadMe file or use the online docs. Some points about using the plug-in...
Jasper's plug-in uses line:// (not Winamp's default linein://).

To prevent echoes the Microphone and Line In should be muted in the Windows mixer.

Because of the plug-in's nature there is a noticeable latency (delay) issue. The on line docs has some suggestions for reducing the delay.

Q: How can I get the EQ to reset/return to normal values for non auto preset files?
A: You need to configure or reconfigure a default preset.


Q: Why is their X number of seconds before I hear the change?
A: That depends on how much time set in buffer of the current output plug-in. X number of seconds in the buffer = X number seconds before you hear the change.

Q: Is the Winamp equalizer a 4Front EQ10.
A: Yes. However, for MP3 files you will need to disable the 'Fast Layer EQ'...
Winamp > Ctrl+P

Plug-ins > Input

Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder > Configure button

Decoder tab > uncheck 'Fast Layer 3 EQ' & 'Fast Layer 1/2 EQ'

close out of Prefs
There is also a 4Front EQ "stand alone" plug-in for Winamp, available here. Download the EQ plugin version, the EQ10/Winamp3 version does not apply to Winamp 5.

Q: What are the shortcut keys for the EQ?
A: While the EQ is in focus...
1 - 0 Increase EQ bands 1-10
Q - P Decrease EQ bands 1-10
` Increase EQ Preamp
TAB Decrease EQ Preamp
N Toggle EQ Enabled
A Toggle EQ Auto-Loading
S Open Presets Menu
Ctrl+S Load Preset
Alt+G Toggle EQ Window (from any Winamp Window)
Note: The EQ shortcut keys are only available to classic skins. For modern skins, try DrO's Global EQ Hotkeys (see below) for a workaround. However the Alt+G shortcut is a little different, read here for more info.

Q: Are there Global Hotkeys for the EQ?
A: Winamp does not have native EQ items/entries for the Global Hotkeys. DrO's EQ Hotkeys plug-in (full thread) will add Equalizer support for Winamp's Global Hotkeys.

Q: Is balance or cross-fade included with EQ presets?
A: No. Although some modern skins may have the balance and/or cross-fade controls in the EQ window they are not a function of the equalizer.

Q: Why do the bass and treble knobs on modern skins affect the EQ
A: Bass and Treble controls/knobs are not a native function of Winamp. Modern skins simulate bass/treble controls by changing the EQ.

Q: Will the EQ normalize or auto level my songs/music?
A: Yes and no. The EQ is not specifically designed as normalizer, however if you have a small number of files to normalize and don't mind some work the EQ can simulate a normalizer. Use auto presets in conjunction with the preamp slider. If you want to, add personal touch with the frequency sliders.

For further information on normalizing and/or auto gain read here.

Q: What are the various equalizer settings files?
A: Winamp.q1 = presets file, Winamp.q2 = auto-presets file, *.eqf = individual preset file where * represents a file name. The Winamp.q1/q2 files are located in Winamp's folder. *.EQF files can be saved just about anywhere.

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Global Hotkeys
gotcha thanks
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