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Yeah, Desi... Thats aweomse!

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Originally posted by Him
Correct. one copy of XP, means installed on one machine. You have to buy a license for each machine you put it on, laptop or not. Every computer with a copy of Windows on it should have it's own license.
Wrong. there was a link I post here before. you are legally allow to have one copy of XP on your computer and a backup on your laptop.
Microsoft states this. you can activate both without having to call microsoft. when it dos the hardware check it will realize one is a laptop and let it through. yes you can call ms and BS your way to installing a copy on 2 or more computers, but it will automatically activate right for your first pc and laptop

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What about having to have 2 licenses for a 2 cpu computer? I read that somewhere, I'm not talking dual core, I mean dual CPU. I need to find the article, might have been Maximum PC or, not sure.

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That part of the EULA only applied to XP Home. And Home edt. does NOT support dual cpu's or SMP.
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Wow! I didn't know I was going to start all this?

All I know is, if MS didn't want anyone using an OS disc more than once, it seems to me they would just stop it at the activation point. Just make it where the OS can only be activated one time.

There are keys for sale on the net. Seems to me they would be after the folks that are selling the illegal keys rather than someone who paid hard earned money for their product and just wants to put it on his son's pc.
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Actually, not all of them are illegal. They are for people who have their disc but lost the key. I called MS once, they asked me to read the entire thing on the top of the disc, and after I did so, they told me I would have to call Gateway and they would sell me a key.
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problem is illegal keys can be legit as well... if u get a key that is illegal that means it prolly is/was a legal key. so they cant sue me if i have a key used more than once, kus maybe i didn't use it 2 times. or maybe some one found out my key and stole it. never know

and dont worry this isn't a flame war... every one is just puttin in their opinions for the time being... so id say its good to see how they would challenge you in court (not that im saying you'll go lol)
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OK, here's a curveball.

I had a licensed copy of 2000 on my desktop, then I upgraded to a licensed copy of XP. Then I bought an older laptop, and I put the licensed copy of 2000 on it.

So, when you upgrade, does that allow you to reuse the old operating system on another computer?

What about if your computer kicks the bucket? Can you than install the operating system that was on the defunct cp onto another one?
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i know there isnt one person in here that has used a "pirated" copy of any operating system, or installed it on more than one computer. no matter how much microsoft goes through there validations, it is not going to stop pirating.
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The Windows EULA has always been confusing...

TRANSFER—Internal. You may move the Product to a different Workstation Computer. After the transfer, you must completely remove the Product from the former Workstation Computer. Transfer to Third Party. The initial user of the Product may make a one-time transfer of the Product to another end user. The transfer has to include all component parts, media, printed materials, this EULA, and if applicable, the Certificate of Authenticity. The transfer may not be an indirect transfer, such as a consignment. Prior to the transfer, the end user receiving the transferred Product must agree to all the EULA terms. No Rental. You may not rent, lease, lend or provide commercial hosting services to third parties with the Product.

no matter how many times you make sense of the first section, this one always comes back and bites u in the butt

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