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Default What do you think?

Eric Webb
Last Monday of the July 4th week was a sad day....

It was the day that Microsoft officially announced that they would no longer sell Windows XP in ANY of the computer stores. It would be very hard to get a new version unless you go to Ebay or private sellers now.

People now have no choice but to go to Windows Vista now to upgrade their computers. All new computers will come with Vista preinstalled. The only other option is to request XP to be installed on a custom ordered computer from HP or Dell. They are the only ones offering a choice between Vista and XP on new machines. Dell is the only major manufacturer that also offers Ubuntu Linux on custom ordered machines as a choice other than Windows XP or Vista.
I have tested Ubuntu on an old laptop that I have, and it seems to work great as a Windows alternative. Very simple to use, and stable compared to Windows.

I recently visited a few of my local stores, and sure enough, where XP pro and Home editions used to be on the shelves, they were all empty, except where the XP labels remained. All that is left is overpriced Vista. It means that I can't custom build a computer with Windows XP without going through a lot of trouble searching for a new version of XP unregistered or activated. The days of XP are coming to an end at Microsoft. Just when it was getting very stable and good, Microsoft is abandoning it for their next cash cow... Vista.

Which didn't turn out to be such a cash cow after all.

The problem is that too many people are very unhappy with Vista. It is still very buggy, not compatible with many software and hardware items. It is much slower to boot up, and has many new changes that people have complained about. I made the mistake of mentioning Vista to a Realtor I know, and she got really mad, her face turning red about Vista. It seemed that Vista was a nightmare in the real estate office, and didn't work right with their work software. I was amazed to see how many people get angry or frustrated with Vista!

There is a revolution going on. People are resisting Vista, and want to go back to reliable XP. XP has been stabilized over the last few years, with many improvements. Just when people were getting used to using XP, Microsoft now wants everyone to upgrade to the latest and greatest (or worst depending on who you talk to) of their Operating System.

Microsoft has simply ignored the many requests and PLEAS of people all over the world who want to get new machines with XP instead of Vista. The company insists on getting everyone upgraded to Vista to add more money to their accounts. So far, Vista has been a disappointment to Microsoft. Plus the fact that many people don't have the extra money laying around to get new machines in a tough economy.

There are too many small companies that cannot afford to upgrade all their computers with Vista, which also means getting newer machines that are Vista compatible. Many of the older PCs cannot handle Vista, and Vista needs at least 2 gigs of RAM to run. For ideal operation it is recommended that Vista runs on a computer with 3 or 4 gigs of Ram.

The high costs of upgrading BOTH the computers AND the OS are very expensive when you consider many companies have more than just a few machines.

There have been many comments by business owners of why should they upgrade, when what they have works just fine for their needs? Many companies don't need the upgrades, and it is Microsoft that is insisting that it is time for upgrading...

The jury is still out, but many are testifying against Vista. I have heard nothing but complaints from everyone who has used Vista, including a close friend of mine who has a new HP with Vista. I've had to help him many times with the Vista problems...

I miss my old Windows XP machine. It was a good machine for over 10+ years, and now it is in a PC graveyard after the obsolete PIII motherboard has since died. The case was too old to upgrade to a dual core system, and it would have been too expensive anyways. For the cost of upgrading the old system and replacing everything, I could have just spent the money buying a brand new off the shelf computer from a local store.

Until Vista improves, most people will stick with Windows XP and older versions of Windows. Others will stick with Linux or Apple....

Rumor is that Microsoft is working on their NEXT version of Windows, even though they have not perfected Vista yet. So far sales are a flop, and Microsoft is scrambling to come up with something better than Vista, or they will soon be out of the Operating System business.

Until then, there is no need to rush out and upgrade to Vista... yet. Just wait until it gets improved (hopefully) over the next few years.

In the meantime, enjoy what machine you are using now, and add more RAM memory and a bigger hard drive to give it more life. Get the most use out of your computer, until the time comes when you are ready for a new computer... and you can afford to buy one at a reasonable price.

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Default Re: What do you think?

This article has been posted before. I still call bunk on it.

First off it is evolution. Vista is the new OS. Get over it. XP could not last forever. Every OS developer stops selling and supporting their old OS's at some point. XP's time was due. It is already 7 years old. Time to move on.

2nd Vista is not still incompatible with software. That is utter garbage. I can run everything on Vista just as i could in XP. I can run it on Server 2008 which has much of the same Kernel as Vista. Funny how i can run all my applications in Server when they say they are not compatible.

3rd XP is just not being sold anymore by OEM's. You can still buy it retail for some more time. So spend the extra few $$ and get Retail versions while you can.

4th XP will still be supported till 2014. So you do not have to upgrade your PC. You can keep the same one till long after Windows 7 gets released and upgrade then. There is no one forcing anyone to upgrade to Vista now. That is upon the users who think that Microsoft is forcing them when they are not. They can still buy every part to a Pc and built the PC themselves and install a Retail copy of XP. Where is there does it say that users can not run XP anymore? It doesnt.

5th Vista is not still buggy. There are many things about Vista that i personally do not like. No Repair option, Drivers must be WHQL Certified to run right. But you can still force isntall drivers that are not WHQL certified. How do i know? I am running a set of those drivers right now on my install. So that i can fold using my GPU. So they still work. Have not had a crash yet. Sorry another myth.

All in all this article is just a personal opinion and a person who is scared by moving on past XP. RAM is cheap now compared to what it was just 5 years ago. I have a DDR2 system and i remember spending well over $200 on a 1GB Pair of RAM Chips to run in Dual Channel mode. Can get that same set now for less than $50. Again i return to the fact that you do not have to buy a new system. Upgrade the current one you have. Will cost you a fraction of hte price and you can still run your precious XP.

Vista is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. There are well over 20% of the users who run Windows running Vista and of that there is maybe 2% getting anywhere near these types of issues that you read about. If the error percentage is even that high.

Granted 2% of 20% is high but this is all caused by user errors trying to force Vista to do something that it can not. I have had maybe 5 more crashes on Vista than i have on XP. All were my fault. Vista will work. Vista does work. But when you try to run software that is out of date or not updated to run on Vista you will get issues. This is not the fault of Microsoft. This is the fult of the software developers not updating their software to run on Vista. The same can be said of the drivers. Again not Microsoft's fault. Yet Microsoft gets the blame and Vista gets bad reviews cause developers have not made the effort to get their stuff working on Vista.

All in all Vista is not that bad. It cant do everything that XP can. But then again when XP was released it couldnt do much of htis stuff either and people were complaining about XP cause it was not windows 98SE. The same thing will happen when Windows 7 comes out.

I am tired of all these articles placing the blame where it doesnt belong. Vista is not to blame. the software developers and driver developers are. I am done trying to make this point. This is my last post to this effect. It is tiring trying to show how all these articles are wrong on so many levels.

Peace out.


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Default Re: What do you think?

I have been using vista since rc1. it has had is fair share of problems. I also have been using xp since RC2. and i had more issues with xp then i have had with vista. The biggest problem i have run into with vista is it's hardware requirements, wich was also an issue with xp, but not quite as bad. Other then that vista has been rock solid for me, both x86 and x64. If it wernt for the hardware i would have upgraded our systems here at work. The benifits i would gain from upgrading at work is not worth the cost at this point, But at home i have vista on all but 3 of 11 pcs, and couldnt be happier.

thats my opinion.
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Default Re: What do you think?

this is getting old. do we really need ANOTHER thread about this?
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Default Re: What do you think?

OMG thank you so much Mak. I've been saying this for months and no one listens. They listen to this trash talk on blogs and through their friends, and NONE of them have first-hand experience with Vista. "It is garbage, it doesn't work." Do me a favor, next time someone says that ask why, 99.9% of the time they won't have an answer, it is just something someone else said, and the .1% of the time they say it doesn't support hardware or software... UMM GUESS WHAT, that is the hardware and software problem for not upgrading.

You think Microsoft is responsible for that? Please do your research. Software/hardware manufacterers make products that are compatable with certain OS's, there are costs involved here. When there is a new upgrade most of the hardware and software manf. won't upgrade until a certain percentage of their clients switch. They are being cheap, and you should be blaming them, not Microsoft. do you think microsoft creates an OS that supports every possible hardware (ones that haven't even come out yet)? No they create the platform and it is up to the manf. to create something that works with it.

I agree, that article is bogus, and a lot of articles out there are. They are scared of change, and anyone who says 'what does it offer' hasn't done their research. There are about a half dozen programs and features in Vista that people are PAYING to use through other 3rd party software tools. Does anyone remember the transitions from 2000 to XP? Everyone said the same thing, its just a bubbly 2000. Yet everyone switched. Now you have an OS that actually has a ton more functionality you are going to complain more? I just don't get it.

I'm with Mak here, and i've run Vista on a computer that had XP, and XP software and i haven't had ANY problems. The only thing that wasn't compatible was just a suggestion, because Vista already has software that did that task.

"But it prompts me all the time" - turn that feature off dillweed. It is a security feature that you would LOVE TO HAVE on your grandfathers machine when he's downloading stuff that he's unaware of.

I agree, there is no sense in wasting the space trying to convince people this is the next step (and a better one). And in 3 years everyone will be happy w/ Vista and will be complaining about the next upgrade.
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Default Re: What do you think?

I'm still p***ed off that we're not still using Commodore 64's! Now that could be one stable system.
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Default Re: What do you think?

Originally Posted by forrestcupp View Post
I'm still p***ed off that we're not still using Commodore 64's! Now that could be one stable system.
Yeah and i miss PITFALL for ATARI too.
"Research is what I'm doing when it looks like I'm not doing anything" :D

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Default Re: What do you think?

haha. horay for text rpg's!!!!

and I have to agree, vista is great. I use it on my laptop, I have Ultimate on my gaming rig (had) and used server 2008 on my home server project, and as mak mentioned before, server08 is extremely similar to vista. XP Is fine for doing normal stuff, but vista works perfectly fine as well, and its been 7 years, move on... Also for those of you who remember when XP first came out, it was a lot similar to vista in the sense that there were a lot of bugs, and a lot of it didn't get fixed until SP2 but once SP2 came out, everybody loved it to death.. Vista is the same way, only they fixed most issues with SP1

A notice to EVERYONE who has posted here with a computer problem, I highly encourage you to keep current with the forums, even if it's browsing for 10-15 minutes during lunch, or before you go to bed at night. There are many things that you can learn and apply to future issues. My goal is to help people get to a point where they can use their own knowledge to help themselves, and others.

Also please use the search button. You've got a 50/50 chance that someone's asked your question and we've answered it.
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