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Default web server terms

can you guys tell me what this means with respect to a web server and how this wold influence my selection of a web server?

Load balanced


Dedicated solutions

Database: SQL server database

Domain Name Setup

Unlimited reboot

MS Access Database

PHP 4.0pMyAdmin,

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Load Balenced:Using more than one web server to serve all of the client requests. Im pretty sure such a thing would be done with a proxy server.

Domain Name Setup:When you set up a webserver that is to be accessed by name (rather then IP address) then you need to set up a domain name for it. If it is for an webserver that is going to be accessed outside of your network, then you have to register(buy) a domain name. If it is a webserver that is being access from within your network only, then you set up Domain names with a DNS server.


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Database: SQL server database

This means that the server is using the SQL database, which stands for Structured Query Language. It's a type of database.

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MS Access Database: your server is running with windows operating system, and it's using the window's database, named access.. The database is good for storing some personal data (as from what i heard, it's easy to use with a graphical user interface), other than that, it's not good for much else in my mind..

PHP 4.0pMyAdmin.. erm.. don't you mean php 4.0, phpMyAdmin?
php 4.0: it's a web specific language that helps you serve dynamic data.. such as those pulled from a database, it has a huge library and nice documentations.. very popular, almost all self-respecting hosts supports at least php 4.0

phpMyAdmin: build with php, and it's a frontend for MySQL databases.. you can browse and modify your whole database with the frontend, very useful
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does Load balancing mean that my website will be mirrored across multiple web servers, and the accesses to my website will be distributed amongst multiple servers?

i have bought my domain name, would the domain name setup be free, and do all web hosts provide this

can a webserver have bnoth an SQL database and an MS Access database at the same time, i guess they would, correct?

what kind of dynamic data is served by php 4.0, hey furtivefelon, were you implying something with your smiley?
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