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Arrow Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

Im just about to get a new gaming laptop and im wondering should i splash the €50 extra for Vista Ultimate or XP.

I know there are issues with Vista now but i would be holding onto this laptop a few years and is it a worthwhile investment?

The package comes with XP or Vista Business included or XP Ultimate for €50 extra


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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

all depends, I use and love Vista.
Some apps will not work on Vista, most will. You can always check ahead as well. I do and did.

If it's older less powerful hardware, I suggest sticking with XP. If you are getting new hardware in your new laptop and have adequate ram and a decent non typical laptop HD (ie., faster than our snail 5400rpm) you'll be fine.

The new hardware should be able to function with Vista just fine. Your older software apps, may not. And I am talking about a very low percentage concerning me...others may lead you to believe 75% of their software does not work. But only about 1% of mine does not.

You can always try it out if you haven't as well
Download details: Windows Vista

DL VirtualPC to use the above as well.

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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

This is the bones of what im getting:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T7500 (2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 4 MB L2-cache)
15.4" Wide Screen WXGA (1280 x 800) Display with TrueLife™
Matte Jet Black with 2.0 mega pixel camera
3072MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM (1x1024 + 1x2048 MB)
200 GB (7.200rpm) SATA Hard Drive with Free Fall Protection ™
256MB nVidia® GeForce® 8600M GT
Fixed Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Drive
Free upgrade from 6 cell battery to 9 cell battery

I read that it uses more resources to do everything, do you notice a slowdown? I love new things though and im sure they'll fix it with service packs... decisions decisions

...and now im concerned i may have a god complex :'(
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

i notice no slowdowns, and it does not use more resources, it uses them differently. Compared to what I have you should be breezing.

lol at the god thing

The concept of how Vista uses resources can be equated to living in a mansion. Instead of just the kitchen, dining room and 2 bedrooms being used. You have a butler/maid walking and cleaning every room in the house, even unused rooms.

But that is just my interpretation of how it works. Others can whole heartedly disagree. Windows Vista: Features Explained: SuperFetch
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

I'm going to go with Vista Ultimate, thanks Tofu!
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

I have Vista Ultimate, no complaints

But on another note, don't we all have a god complex?

Quote- Dr.Cox: We are two egotistical peas in a incredibly narcissistic pod
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

I can agree with Atomic. I used Vista Ultimate since it was released and i am very pleased with it. There has been little to no problem for the switch for me. The main apps that dont work are the older apps that havent been updated in a while.

Apps like media conversion apps. But there are better ones out there. Convertxtodvd still works as does DVDShrink. Nero from 7.5 on works with Vista. There really isnt much that i have tried that doesnt work.

But many around here dont like it. You can also dual boot with XP for a short period of time. See if you like the feel of Vista.
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

Thanks for the feedback Redmo0n and Makaveli213
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

Stay with XP, double the speed and all apps works.

On Vista....

DVDShrink does not work - memory address out of bounds
SmartRipper does not work - requires a player to open the disk

PowerDVD does not work - vista cant get its permissions straight during installation.

Bluetooth does not work - No Automatic stack is provided, therefore you have to install drivers for every bluetooth device...even your expenive $80 bluetooth headphones that have no drivers in production but will work with every other operating system, even mac os.
If you do get bluetooth working on ANY device, it will be so flaky, it will be utterly worthless as it likes drop off....

Adobe CS3 barely works, its incredibly slow, as the operating system chockes its ability with poor FS transfers.

All DVDs now can force the system to shut off your s-video out or stop the dvd entirely. Vista doesnt seem to play well with macrovision, so why is the s-video port included anyways.

Nero 7 does work (Suprisingly).

IR doesnt work on Vista

Some memory card (from cameras !) require drivers.

Onboard hardware has a tendency to BSOD or stop working when a laptop is docked.

The list keeps on going with the horrendous problems with Vista......

Also, there is no speed advantage with Vista, as it runs 1/2 the speed of the previous NT version. The service pack for vista only improve its speed 1% which is basically NOTHING. I assume that this is why the wanted to replace the filesystem...

There is also a driver advantage with XP as it will accept old non-signed drivers or odd driver configs (THIS IS ACTUALLY THE SELLING POINT OF WINDOWS or used to be). Try telling the owner of $10k+ plotter or cutter that he has to get a new one.....

All of this has been confirmed on 3 laptops from 2 brands.

75% of the software does NOT work properly on vista, and thats if you tend to use software other than games or MS Word.
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Default Re: Vista or XP .. Vista or XP ...hmmm

lol, that's a good and entertaining read shdwslan...but it's a form of misdirection.

If you want to be really biased...for example
Going to Adobe's site and reading on CS3, you will also see they suggest you not really use it with Apple's new OS as well. Who's more responsible for getting their app to work with an OS, the app maker or the OS platform?

DVD shrink works for me
as well as DVD flick
as well as dvdfabdecrypter

powerdvd? don't use it
nero...don't use it

do a search for bluetooth issues and you will realize it's a bluetooth thing and not a MS/Windows/Vista thing
Live Search: bluetooth issues

no bsods with my hardware and vista yet, during beta and almost a year of retail

---snippet for understanding memory cards----
There are so many RAW file formats in the marketplace that it's becoming a major problem. Here are just some of the RAW filename extensions that indicate different and incompatible formats.
. Nikon-NEF
. Olympus-ORF
. Fuji-RAF
. Sony-SRF
. Canon-CR2
. Pentax-PEF
. Generic-DNG
DNG (Digital Negative). Camera companies have introduced many different, and frequently changing, raw file formats. For example, one source states that there are over 140 RAW formats with more coming—some of them specific to a single camera model. On top of this, manufacturers are often pointlessly secretive about their specifications so there are almost always RAW files your software can't read—at least until someone reverse engineers the formats so they can support them. This lag time and inconvenience can be laid at the doorstep of the camera companies. These proprietary RAW files are at risk over time since companies come and go and interest waxes and wanes. One solution to this growing problem is a new Adobe format called the Digital Negative (.DNG). This publicly defined and openly shared format for RAW files is an attempt to ensure that you will be able to access your image files in the future. If your camera doesn't capture RAW images in this format, you can convert them to DNG using a program such as Photoshop or Lightroom. When you do so, you can even choose to store the original RAW image inside its DNG file so you can extract it at some future date should you need it. The DNG format is supported by Photoshop and other Adobe products, some other software companies, and a number of camera companies. As with all things in computing, only time will tell if the format becomes widely accepted or gradually fades away.

no big list of problems and no horrendous problems with Vista....

so the example from shdwsclan is one of those that is completely opposite from mine and often very misinformed

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