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I mainly play with Linux now but I still use Vista now and then and everything seems to be going along fine will there be another delay maybe but it seems MS is pushing this product onto the production line.

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its probably been said dozens of times on here, but what are the requirements, according to MS?

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Go here
and use the Vista Advisor Beta
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Originally posted by Inaris
as to that, are you saying the ability to steal an OS?
HAHAHAHA You’re joking right? That is the only thing you’ve noticed?

no, no, no my friend. I actually commend Microsoft for protecting their product. That’s their right. (Im not saying that their $100+ prices are fair though)

Let me list a few of the right's, privileges, abilities and freedoms that Microsoft has slowly been taking away from you with every new OS, update and service pack.

1: In Win98 you could set passwords to prevent un-welcomed users from accessing network peripherals. The ability to set those passwords is taken away in XP because Microsoft just assumes that there is no need for privacy and security on our little happy family networks.

2: I remember a time when the freedom to listen to music on any player was not a myth. I remember when I had the freedom to burn my own audio CD’s with whatever audio files I wanted. But, those days and those freedoms are long gone thanks to XP, Windows MediaPlayer10(+) and Microsoft’s Play4Sure Technology. Thanks Microsoft from giving me a reason to keep my AMD400 Win98 (my first computer ^-^) machine up and running so I can do to my music, WHAT I want, HOW I want, WHEN I want.

3. Does anybody remember good ‘ol MsPaint? Ah the memories, I remember playing in MsPaint on my parents old Win3.1 machine. And then I remember playing around with it in Win95 and even in Win98... But something happened with the XP version that ****es me off to no end. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, Microsoft decided that we’re too stupid to have any need for one of the most basic features in computer graphic design history. Microsoft took it upon themselves to make the canvas size stretch to accommodate a newly pasted image. Instead of keeping the canvas at the size it was at before the clip was pasted. I know a lot of you saying things like: “who cares?” WELL I CARE!!! and the thing that ****es me off the most, they didn’t even bother making an option to enable/disable auto-cropping. “Well that’s what Photoshop’s for.” you say. Who says I want to wait 20 seconds for Photoshop to load when I could open Pain, hit ‘ctrl+E’, enter my height and width sizes, paste an image, complete the SMALL task that I need and be out of there safely within 15 seconds?!?!

I mean c’mon. This is just a small list. I’m sure all of us can come up with more if we just spent 2 seconds thinking about it.

Im running WinXP Pro with SP1 and at this point, im sticking to it. and as for Vista, im not going near it until I learn how many right's, privileges, abilities and freedoms are going to be taken away from me.

My biggest complaint about Microsoft... and Windows... There are no options, no settings that actually make a difference... Apparently, Microsoft thinks that we’re incapable of changing settings, and customizing options to get out computers to work how WE want them to.
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I'm having a hard time thinking of privileges MS has taken away during the years of upgrades from the 3.1 world to now. The interface has changed, moving the places where controls are located, and things have been better organized (and in some cases worse organized). People thinking things have been deleted from new versions of the OS usually are those who haven't tried to figure out the new interface.

The trick to handling new Windows OS's, (and any new OS for that matter), is to calm down and do a little work to learn the new program. It also helps to not get sucked up onto the moron bandwagon, a.k.a. the anti-MS bandwagon. If you're convinced MS never produces anything worth using and that it all sucks, why bother wasting your time posting about it? Patience is a virtue.

Don\'t hate the player...Hate the game...
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Old 05-22-2006, 03:47 PM   #16 (permalink)
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I know I shouldn't respond to this, but I'm going to anyway...

in response to each comment:

1)The ability to set passwords has not been removed by any OS. It's only been enhanced. You have to understand how to do it now, as it's not the same as it was, but it's there, and more customizable.

2)This is not at MS's will. I highly doubt that they are wanting to upset their users, but the industy as a whole is makgin the move. DRM is going to happen wether or not we want it. As to how well it functions, that is up to you. You still have the choice of what player, format, functionality you want to use. They are just tkaing an approach that works for them. It's no different from Apple and the IPOD/ITunes stuff.

basic features in computer graphic design
I think you are confusing MSpaint as a design application. It shouldn't even be called a tool. More of an after thought. Back in the early days, MSpaint was really cool cause it allowed you to draw on a computer. it didn't offer much, nor does today, but it was amazing. As things improved, computers got faster, the os got upgraded, companies were making real design apps, why would MS spend the time on something they are not making money on to improve it any? Why even include it at all? Your right, who cares. and yes, I use mspaint for modefying screenshots, but I know what to expect out of it, so I don't care if I have to make a little change here or there.

As to you being able to chane the OS for your needs, what can't you change? If you limiting your thoughts to paint, you have another thing coming. Spend the time to get aquaited with the OS and learn what it can do for real, before you assume it to be wrong.
I'm in agreement with ShoobieRat on this.

I'm not a MS fanboy or Linux fanboy, I'm a realist, and I don't see it...
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Seria -

Learn to use linux, it'll do you better. Especially if you have an project site in the works. Google LAMP and check out the 5th link from the top.

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