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here is a previous post with the guide the big long one by warez is what you need to follow hope this helps.


EDIT: NVM follow the previous post


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Thanks. I will have a look and try that out.

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Originally posted by brady
Ok, he is offline right now, so I'll post what he is going to post.
The active links have been disabled b/c I'm too lazy to redo the url tags right now.


WarezMonsters 4 Step Spyware Removal Guide

Follow these instructions carefully and do what is said. If you can’t perform a step, then skip it, an example would be if you can’t get into safemode to scan your system, skip it and move on to the next. Please be precise in what your problem is. The more information I have the better I can help. Please name the Trojan, virus, Spyware you have and the affects it is having on your computer. An example would be your desktop has changed and you can’t change it or a program is asking you to scan your system and then once you let it scan it asks you to buy it so it can remove the problems. If you happen to view this guide before posting, please tell us that you already performed these steps so I don’t waste time in posting this guide up for you. If you have dial-up, I suggest you download these programs on another computer and then transfer them to the infected computer. Please be active with your posts meaning don’t come here and state your issues, then have someone help you out but then you come back 2 weeks later. These issues need to be addressed ASAP. When posting your log, don’t attach your log as a text document, copy and paste it to the forum. If you don’t know what you are doing, (I know you are just try to help) then please refrain from telling someone what to delete using Hijackthis as it can cause a system crash or other irreversible affects. Thanks for your cooperation.

1.) Download ALL 10 programs and update ASAP if needed.

Ad Aware SE Personal Free

Ad-aware Messenger Service Plugin

Ad-Aware VX2 Cleaner Plugin

Spybot Search and Destroy Free

Make sure you put Hijackthis! In the root of your drive (C:\HJT)





Msconfig Cleanup

2.) Update your System completely and remove offending programs

Make sure your system is completely updated with all of Microsoft’s Updates including SP2 This service pack fixes a lot of Spyware issues, exploits, etc. NOTE: If your system is severely infected DO NOT INSTALL SP2 DOING SO CAN/WILL RENDER YOUR SYSTEM USELESS AND WILL BE TO BE REINSTALLED. Read this as to why not to install SP2 on an infected machine

Please visit at least 2 of these free online virus scanners


Next go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall any offending programs, here are some below: Note: If you have more than one antivirus installed, please remove one. If during the uninstall process you receive an access denied, just move on to the next one. You may be asked to visit the offending programs website to receive an uninstaller, do not do so, just ignore it, close it, and move on.
If you are no sure about a specific program, look below. All programs in this site are offending and needs to be removed ASAP, even if you paid for it.


180 Search Assistant
Active alert
Ad Service
AdTools Service
Alexa toolbar
Bullseye Networks
Elite Sidebar
Elite Toolbar
Freeze Clip Art
Hotbar Outlook Tools
Hotbar Web Tools
Internet Optimizer
Media Access
Media Gateway
MyWay Search Bar
Morpheus Toolbar
NavExcel Search Toolbar
Oemji Toolbar
Open Site
Preview AdService
Search Toolbar (HuntBar/WinTools)
ShopperReports by Hotbar
Software Update Manager
Upspiral Toolbar
Viewpoint Manager
Viewpoint Media Player
Web Rebates
Web Search Toolbar (WinTools)
WhenU (any entry)
Windows AdService
Windows AdStatus
Windows ServeAd
WinTools Easy Installer
WSEM Update
Download Accelerator Plus
Messenger Plus
P2P Networking

3.) MSCONFIG Entries removal

Next step is to open MSCONFIG. Go to start, run, type Msconfig, press ok, go to the startup tab, then click disable all. Now re-check your antivirus, firewall or any other program that you absolutely need to be started up each and every time windows is restarted. Now rechecking these entries right now will result in deleted entries of your programs in the next step. Then you will need to reinstall that program. Then click apply, ok, but don’t reboot yet. NOTE: when you reboot, you will see the System Configuration Utility dialog box appear. Just put a checkmark in the box and press ok. NOTE: If you can not open MSCONFIG, TASK MANAGER OR REGEDIT, just move to the next step or download it to your desktop below and then perform the task:

Download MSCONFIG, REGEDIT, and TASK MANAGER to your desktop

Next run Msconfig Cleanup after you unchecked the items you were told to uncheck and recheck, click "Select All", then click "Clean up Selected", then click "Quit". Make sure your antivirus and firewall are not checked. If you delete your antivirus and firewall entries, you will need to reinstall them so be sure to check them and don’t reboot.

4.) It’s time to scan your system

Start off with any Spyware program. Make sure you update it. Make sure all IE, FF, Opera windows are closed. The only program(s) that need to be running are the Spyware scanners and your antivirus. Please do not quarantine anything. Please delete everything.

For Lavasoft Adaware SE 1.6, configure it by following these steps:
Open Adaware, click on Scan Now
Then click on Use Custom Scanning Options, and then click Customize
Click on Scan within archives
Click on Advanced, then click on Move deleted files to the recycle bin
Then click on Tweak, and select Scanning Engine, then select Run Scan as a background process for low CPU usage.
Click on Tweak and choose Write protect system files after repair
Then click on Proceed and select Search for low risk threats
Click next and let it scan.
Make sure you remove every thing is finds. You may need to run this program more than once depending on how bad you are infected.

For Ad-aware Messenger Service Plugin, just install it. It may as you to reboot, don’t reboot yet. You will run Adaware SE 1.6 again after you reboot. This program is a plug-in for Adaware SE along with the VX2 Cleaner.

For Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4, configure it by following these steps:
Open Spybot, make sure it is updated.
Click on Mode, then select Advanced Mode, select yes at the prompt.
Click on Settings, then scroll down the list to uncheck Create Backup Copies, there are 3 that need to be unchecked.
Then click on Tools and select Resident. Make sure Tea Timer is selected and not Ad-watch.
Then select IE Tweaks and make sure under Miscellaneous Locks that all 3 boxes are checked.
Then scan your system.
Make sure you remove every thing is finds. You may need to run this program more than once depending on how bad you are infected.

For Ewido 4.0, configure it by following these steps:
Open Ewido and make sure it is updated
Click on Scanner, then settings and put a check mark in Scan every file under What to Scan.
Ewido may find items like VNC, RadMin, or any other Remote Control Tools; if you know that those programs are legit, click on ignore and put a checkmark in the box to always perform this option for these types of programs. If it not legit, select remove.
Ewido will take a while to scan your system so be patient as this whole process can take about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.
Ewido is not free and the updates will expire in 15 days. That means after 15 days you will no longer be able to update the program but you can still use it fully functional after the 15 days. On systems with 512mb memory or less, I would recommend not have it in your taskbar as it will slow your computer down.

For CCleaner, configure it by following these steps:
Open CCleaner
Click on Cleaner and make sure all the boxes are check, select yes to the prompts
Then click Run Cleaner. Put a check mark in the box then scan your system. This may take several passes to complete
After the scan complete, click on the Applications tab and click on Run Cleaner
Then click on Issues, and then click on Scan for Issues
Select yes or no if you want to have your registry backed up.
Then click on Fix Selected Issues.

For Cleanup! Just run it. If you want to run a full system scan, click on Options and select everything you want it to clean. Selecting everything will delete all your favorites so make sure that is what you want.
Then let it scan your system. When it asks you to log off, select no.

For CWShredder, just run it. It will close any IE windows you have open.

For Hijackthis!

1.Open up the Hijackthis Program
2.Click on SCAN at the bottom.
3.Once it's finished click on Save Log and save it as a .txt file. DO NOT FIX ANYTHING!!
4.Paste the log onto the forum. Do not attach it.
5.Always start a new thread. Don’t add on to someone else’s thread but reply to your own thread, don’t start a new one.
6.We are not here 24/7 so we will look at your issues ASAP, please don’t bump it. We see that it has not been addressed yet.
All you had to do was quote this guide, then copy and paste it.

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