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Originally posted by beedubaya
You can decrease its size, but I would strongly reccommend you leave it alone, and don't delete it.

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why not get a bigger hard drive. you can get 200 gigs for 130.00
160 gigs for 90.00

The Ultimate Hard Drive Utility PowerMax 4.23. (It now has the ability to clean a Boot Sector virus on the quick erase option.)
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You can't turn it off. If you could, that would be bad. Real bad. Like, PC-go-broke, bad.

Anyway, what's on that partition? If it's your primary partition (the one with the OS on it) then you can happily be assured that the space is getting sucked up by your page-file and unseeable Windows system files.

Otherwise, I think it's time for a scan, defrag, and maybe even a reformat.

One thing you could try, though, is to clear out that partition. If you have nothing on that partition but junk or archived stuff, you can just move it (or back it up to CD or something) then use the disk manager to reformat that partition, clearing it all out.

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You can turn off the page file and run safely if you have over 512MB of ram and don't play games. The Pagefile was used mostly when memory requests outran the available memory, and so a place was needed to store more information. Today, it's just another legacy way to make our machine seem to work faster.
With the release of XP, Microsoft has allowed the page file to be complete turned off. THis is a good thing for some people, as constally paging data out can slow down the hard drive performace and then slow down the computers performance. With faster and faster drives hitting the market, and the available memory in systems (I have 2gb in most of mine) increasing, the page file will go by the wayside just like 8-track...
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it's possible that the files are housed in several locations. Look for a recycler folder, and empty everything from those. Are you running Norton? if you are, be sure to purge the Norton protected files.
A checkdisk would be a good thing as well, since it's possible you have some bad index's that might be causing this.

Good luck
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well, it could be a few things. add in temp files like index.dat, as well as the size being allocated for the recycle bin, page swap files, XP restore space and it MAY add up to that much.
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Thanks a million guys. It was the page file. I turned it off but strangely the file was still in the d: drive eating almost 2 gigs, so I very unwisely deleted it along with a startup file. Now Im buggered. Cant start win xp, getting a "NTLDR is missing, please restart" error. Man I dont deserve any more advice after that! I cant reformat either, getting "invalid drive secification".
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do a repair with the XP disc.

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