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Turns out the Entire issue I had was with Media,,

Here is what I learned from some Very Clever Noddy's and Documented,,, Thought I would share the Info out for those of you out there in the same boat,,

Take a DVD you want to back up that is a DVD5 disc (single layer) and RIP it with DVD DECRYPTER in ISO READ mode.

This creates a single large ISO file on your computer's HDD. This ISO file is called an IMAGE file.

Now put DVD DECRYPTER in ISO WRITE mode and select the ISO from your HDD and burn it to a DVD

If it works in your stand alone then you know the issue is not so much the media but with the OTHER burning methods you are using.

If this DVD doesn't work then you have major problems which are probably related to the media.

If you want to test a DVD9 back up then use whatever program you normally use for that (such as DVDShrink or DVD2ONE etc.) but set the final file size to around 4000MB (which is a little bit shy of 4.0GB)

Now most of the programs that compress DVD9 discs will spit out a VIDEO_TS folder with your DVD FILES ready for burning.

At this point use ImgTool Classic. This is a FREEWARE program that you can download.

ImgTool Classic will create an ISO IMAGE file from your VIDEO_TS folder (actually you put your VIDEO_TS folder under another folder and select NOT the VIDEO_TS folder but the folder that IT is in).

So for instance create a FOLDER called MOVIE and in that MOVIE FOLDER create another FOLDER called VIDEO_TS and put your DVD VIDEO FILES in that VIDEO_TS folder. Start up ImgTool Classic and select the MOVIE folder (not the VIDEO_TS folder).

When ImgTool Classic is done you will have an ISO IMAGE file that you can then burn with DVD Decrypter.

Again if this works then GREAT but if not then you have issues that COULD be media related but if your final DVD is less than 4.0GB and you still have problems then it might be like a burner malfunction or something really odd unrelated to MEDIA.

Really poorly made cheap media can often have trouble when you go over the 4.0GB mark (which is approximately 4096MB).

Most decent discs will not have trouble if you stay below 4.20GB (which is around 4300MB though I try to stay around 4200MB - 4250MB). Only the best of blank media can handle full size which is approximately 4.37GB or approximately 4480MB for DVD-R and something like 4435MB for DVD+R

PRINCO ( what I WAS using) is really s@i# a@s stuff.

Most people find that you definitely will have problems if you go over 4.0 GB (about 4096MB) and some even try to keep 'em around 3.9GB or even 3.8GB

Just use DVD DECRYPTER if it is a SINGLE LAYER disc. If it is a dual layer disc then use DVDShrink (which is free) to reduce it to around 4.0GB (roughly 4096MB) then use ImgTool Classic (another free program) to make an ISO IMAGE file from the output you get from DVDShrink. Then you can burn that ISO IMAGE with DVD DECRYPTER.

Problem solved but yeah in the future I suggest to everyone,, DONT always go for the deal!! Best to go with tested and true, such as MAXELL, TAIYO YUDEN, RITEK G04(4x)/GO3 (2x) and then you don't have to worry so much especially with the final SIZE of the DVD.

Crash Abbott

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well glad you fixed it, but the incompatability may be from your player also. did you ever get clonedvd to work crash?

i don't think you should be saying don't go for the deal. ritek are cheap as hell but cost around a buck each. it's the quality that matters. i have tested leda also and they work good for me. i buy em at

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Old 11-07-2003, 08:35 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Hi Ek,,,

I did get the CloneDVD to work,, but I did not know about the DVDShrink step,, so I was exceeding the 4gb limit,,

On "dont go for the cheap" You are correct,, but Ritek is a GOOD brand to begin with ,,

whereas PRINCO is Poop!

so that was what I meant by the "deal" ,, the low end or no-name stuff,, sometimes ends up costing ya more


I am just so impressed with the quality that is notable with the different media!!

plus a great free player for any OS can be found at

Check that out!

Crash Abbott

\"You\'re the Disease, and I\'m the Cure!\"
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Old 11-11-2003, 01:56 PM   #4 (permalink)
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I would recommend dvd shrink and copy to dvd for making dvd's.
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Old 11-11-2003, 08:46 PM   #5 (permalink)
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ahhhhhhhh,,,,,, Thanks? there,, Microsoftne?? :~

are you just confirming what was already there? or is that an open statement??

Youre freaking me out!
Crash Abbott

\"You\'re the Disease, and I\'m the Cure!\"
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