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Default small office network, windows XP


What is the best way to setup a small business network? Cheapest?

Here are my needs:
- 5 PCs
- All running XP and MS Office
- share the same printer
(that is about it for the requirements... not to complicated)

Is there a way to use a server and 5 terminals?
Or is it cheaper, better to buy 5 PCs with Office and XP on them?

Then just have a wireless network to connect them.

You can not run Office on a server can you?

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Probably won't be cheaper to buy the 5 PCs with Office and XP, but it would be more efficient in the long run.

Running a server with terminals (even with only 5 PCs) can be strenuous on the network if they were all being used and pulling data at the same time.

My opinion: With only 5 PCs, make a P2P network, wireless or wired, install the print device on one machine and share the printer out, you can map the printer on the other machines.

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Default networking and operating systems

of all my skills, networking is my weakest area.

although my home/work network is wireless (a linksys router) with a few PCs... when it breaks or stops working...

I fix it by random, clicking - editing - modifying stuff until it works.

I know a lot about the web, internet, programming, databases, etc.

I'm saying all this to help set up this next question:

What usefullness is a server to a small business network?
Why would a small company need one?
What all can it do?

I know that if the company needs a DB server you need it to house the database.
I know if it plans to host its own website, it needs a web server.
I know if it plans to run some type of application server, you need a server to run it on.
And obviously a print server.

NOW, besides those things... what good is a server to a small company. How does the operating system effect the usefullness of the server? [I'm only a windows guy, hate microsoft, but don't want to learn anything else ]

Office productivity suites are generally not used on a server, right? Maybe you can use it as a backup or disaster recovery server, but you can do that on a regular PC also, right?

What other software would need to be run on a server, that you can not run on a regular PC?

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well the main reason for a server is to take some of the workload off of the workstations, using SCSI drives will help speed things up a little bit for you, if your small business ever grows, haveign a server will help you in the long run, because their are alot of programs that can only be run on SERVER software, along with hardware too.

I dont know exactly what answer you are looking for, but if you have anything specific, dont hesitate to ask...

c ya
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