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Him 11-19-2004 02:43 PM

The "Schedule Automatic Updates" reminder really sucks
When in Windows XP, the automatic updates screen keeps comming up. Not the reminder to install some, but the on to routinely schedule the downloads with Windows. I dont like that so I dont set it, I just hit the set up later button. Yet it still keeps comming up and annoying me. Is there a way to completely shut that off? So it dosent come up and annoy me any further?

BRoWZ 11-19-2004 02:53 PM

I'm sure it's in the control panel section under sucurerity settings(sp2), you can turn it off or set it to manual.

ShoobieRat 11-19-2004 03:02 PM

Turn it off, then. Or tell it to not notify you of updates and just install silently.

Him 11-20-2004 09:03 AM

My whole reasoning for wanting to turn it off is to aviod SP2. I hate it, and I do not want it. If I let it install silently, I get SP2. I keep getting it popping up because it wants to install SP2, because it is a "Critical update needed" which it is not. If I click "Hide this update" it shows me SP2 again and says "Why am I showing you this update even though you chose to hide it? Because it is a critical update"

This is not what I want. I do not want the automatic updates at all.

SHAWN 11-20-2004 11:51 AM

right click my computer>>properties>>click automatic updates tab>>turn off

Him 11-20-2004 01:39 PM

HAHA! That was easy.

ShoobieRat 11-21-2004 10:24 PM

I didn't know it was possible to install a service-pack silently. Updates, yes, but service-packs? I mean, what's it gonna do? Reboot behind the scenes?

Anyway, unless you've got a fatal-incompatability problem with a peice of hardware or software, it's worth upgrading. (Not to mention that you ain't gonna be getting many more updates if you don't.)

Him 11-22-2004 10:17 AM

I dont know where you have been, but it is far from worth updating. It dosent install or reboot behind the scenes, but it will keep popping up with a notification for SP2 unless you shut off the automatic reminders.

It is definetely not worth updating to Service Pack 2. Have you even upgraded to service pack 2? It sucks. If you do it from a clean install, it tends to work better. If you just do an upgrade, your computer tends to die. I upgraded to it at one point, nearly hosed my entire computer. Many problems, but they all seemed to mysteriously vanish once I removed SP2. There was also, at one point, a entire list of programs that would not work with SP2, available at microsofts' website. I worked on a help desk at a law school, and we had to post signs everywhere that said we do not support SP2, because of the massive compatinility issues we had with it.

In short, it is not a worth while update. And stop being so condascending.

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