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Default Ripping and Bittorrent

Hey whats up

Basically, when I first had Kazaa I was d/l everything I could - EVERYTHING. But then I got virus's and people started getting in trouble so I stopped that right after and now cheating off of company by using a P2P program seems pretty d@mn low in my opinion. BUT I am still curious about these programs and I think some of you would know.

Bittorrent. I know the basic idea of it and if you use it legally it seems like a good idea. But I have also heard of people using it for the same reasons I used to with Kazaa (games movies.) I heard Bittorrent is fast and reliable but is it possible while d/l these specific files to get a virus? And if yes what do you think the chances are of getting a virus using that program. I'm trying to convince my friend to stop using it but I don't know enough.

Next, I've heard of ways (even with new games) - that you can somehow trick your computer, thus you can install all the game information onto your computer, then sharing the same retail cd to someone else? Can someone explain this to me, I'm sure there are big tricks people use but I thought the companys could somehow stop that by now?

Last - Bittorrent is something that has been new for me to learn of. What are the other new kinda of P2P programs that are a little more low key but reliable like that. I would like to gain some more knowledge on the variety. Thanks


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well for one, and i may be wrong, but asking questions like that about the game cd's is a bit like asking how can a person get around not having to actually by it. In other words: stealing

second, for P2P programs I must admit I do use Bearshare ( for my file sharing desires.

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Haha I don't mean to come off that way - answering some of my questions could be trouble, just forget about that part.
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I don't condone filesharing unless its legal but if you do use a p2p use a clean one

AdAware | Spybot S&D 1.4 | spyware guard & spyware blaster |

How did I get infected in the first place By Tony Klein

If you use IE I suggest using thes two programs IE Hosts & IE-SPYAD

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That is the exact information I needed- Thanks
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