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Default RIAA calls time on P2Pers

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RIAA calls time on P2Pers - [P2P News]

The RIAA hasn't said which P2P networks it sent cease and desist letters to, but the Wall Street Journal yesterday named LimeWire, BearShare and WinMX, and it's not hard to guess who the others might be.

The demands come three months after the US Supreme Court ruled that P2P providers Grokster and StreamCast are responsible for the actions of their users. If P2P users share content without the permission of the copyright holder then they're guilty of copyright infringement and so too are networks that did nothing to stop them, the Supreme Court said in June.

The verdict reversed judgements made at the District Court and Court of Appeal levels, which were founded on the precedent established in a landmark case brought in the 1980s by the movie industry against Sony. Back then, the Japanese giant prevailed, by showing its video recorders had plenty of uses beyond illegally copying movies. This time round, the P2Pers made the same claims, but the Supreme Court maintained that there were substantial differences between the two cases, so the Sony precedent does not apply.

The case now returns to the lower court, which must now re-consider the movie industry's complaint against Grokster and StreamCast in the light of the Supremes' decision.

The RIAA claimed the Supreme Court judgement had given P2P companies notice "there is a right way and a wrong way to conduct a business", and in the intervening months they have been granted "ample opportunity to do the right thing". It said firms that continue to allow users to share and download illegal copies, and "knowingly operate on the wrong side of that line do so at their own risk".

LimeWire, for one, now asks anyone downloading their software if they intend to infringe copyright, refusing to offer the software to anyone who foolishly checks the 'yes' option. That may appease the RIAA, but we doubt it - there are plenty of copies of the code out there already, and when we checked this afternoon, still rather a lot of illicit material to grab.

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are gun companies next? if a provider is responsible for the content a user downloads, then I guess that a gun maker is responsible for what their product is used for too...

makes a ton of sense. F***ing idiots!

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Honestly, what can the developers do to prevent their software from being used illegally? Nothing. They can add stupid little questions like that, which serve no real purpose. Beyond asking semi rehtorical questions there isn't much that can be done.

I think it's rather unfair to punish the cooperation for the user's actions. That would like suing H&K for murders commited with guns. Or suing Microsoft for 'crackers' that break into someone's computer using a windows product. Take it a step further, and lets sue Dell for making computers that allow illegal file sharing!

I'm not a fan of the RIAA/MPAA, wholy because they're doing it for the wrong reasons. They're going after these huge lawsuits because of the $$. Not because sharing copyrighted material is wrong. It makes me sick that eDonkey has had to "throw in the towel" now because of these cases against Grokster.

I think the judge(s) presiding over the case should have a formal knowledge of programming, and software development. Otherwise the case CAN NOT be presented properly.

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Originally posted by Inaris
are gun companies next? if a provider is responsible for the content a user downloads, then I guess that a gun maker is responsible for what their product is used for too...

makes a ton of sense. F***ing idiots!
Nope, not anymore. There was a law that passed that they can't be sued anymore.
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Looks like I am not using bearshare anymore
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i see sometime in the future, the government trying to tell us we can't have any peer to peer file sharing software on our machines. im thinking some developer is gonna release some underground project and it'll blow up. RIAA catches wind and has a hard time trying to figure out who they can sue over it. Well, who would they point their guns at next? Prolly, the ISPs to give up ips of ppl using this software. Ppl who are infringe on copyrights.

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