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Ottakar 03-21-2006 03:37 AM

Res Hack Help Wanted Please
Hi ... I'm trying to change the windows welcome screen using a combination of Resource Hacker and ResEdit to modify the string tables and the UIFILE data in the logonui.exe file. In particular at the moment I'm trying to change the Welcome message from the bland 'Welcome' to something zippier. I've copied the original logonui.exe file, renamed that copy to mylogon.exe and amended the registry setting so that UIHost points to mylogon.exe instead og logonui.exe. No problem so far. I've changed the font, the position, and the text of the Welcome message and I've taken off the drop shadow .... again no problem. BUT I can't change the font size. In the original file the font size was set to 44 and I want it to be about 28. But if I set the fontsize value to anything less than 24 it alters the font but it looks to me to end up about 14 point, and the end result is always the same no matter what font size I specify (ie I can set the font size to anthing between 1 and 43 and it always ends up looking like about 14 point). Am I missing something, is there another setting I need to change as well or is there a problem with resedit/reshack in this area. Any advice / suggestions gratefully received. Cheers

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