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Default RAM/Windows question

Someone I know wants to buy more ram for their computer, but what kind of ram. I don't fell like going over there to find out what kind of ram and then go get it and come back to install it.

I was sitting here thinking away. Is there not a way to find out what type of ram is in the machine with WinME without looking at it physically?? or at least the type of MB they have.

I am looking for an easy way to find this information because I have to tell them how to do it(expert in this area, but don't feel like taking a NOOB through post to get it. I know you all know what I mean. Anyone who has fixed computers hass been there.

ANy help appreciated thx

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If ya want to remain the supposed expert status then you have to do the search. But of course you have to know the mobo type or you ain't getting anywhere. WinME can run with ddr or sdram or rimm. Put a little foot work in dude.

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I think your misunderstand what I mean, and what I meant by the word expert.

First off I used the word expert in the context of I know how to walk people through fixing computers. I just didn't want to try and explain Post to them over the phone.

I know how to find out what kind of ram is in the system. I just thought I would ask if anyone out there knew of a way that it could be looked up in Windows. I don't undertsand why this has never been done. We can find out any information we need about every other piece of hardware in the system. Like sound card video card etc. Yet we cannot know what the MB and Ram are?
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well do you knw what kind of computer it is? is it a build box, or is it purchased from the store? it it new, it it 2 years old? 4 years old? 1 year? based on the ytear the somputer was built you can narrow it down to the type of memory in it..

if purchased from a store, the go to the manufacture's web site and seaqrch for the info...

if its built, well then you need to do some investigation on the MB...

you can't be lazy if you expect to be an expert...

I think the reason you can't find it out is that windows really doesn't care what the speed of your hardware is. It just cares how much memory you have. that is th eonly thing that is important to windows.

I am sure that somewhere on the internet there is a tool that will tell you what that is.. hey if you really want to be an expert, why dont you write a program that will tell us what the speed of the ram is.... I'll be impressed!

To find out how much memory you have:

right click on the icon "My Computer"
choose Properties with the left button
will tell you bottom left how much memory you have installed

Or if you have anything windows except win9x

click Task manager
click performace
all the memory information you want is there.

Or if you have win2000 or XP and I think ME

click start/setting/control panel
click administrative tools
double click computer manager
click system information
double click system summary
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