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Default PC Anywhere - single computer to a comp on a LAN

Hello all. I've got a PC Anywhere issue. I just installed a small (3 workstation) client-server LAN in my client's office. The client has a cable modem and broadband netgear router. The ISP gives out a dynamic IP, and the stations behind the router are on a 192.168.0.X scheme - obtaining IP's dynamically via the router's DHCP.

He wants to work from home, so I suggested using pcanywhere. We just purchased the software, and I installed it on the server only. I've been testing it from my home, and I can't get in...

A couple of thoughts have come to mind:

1) perhaps the port on the router through which pcanywhere is trying to connect is closed?

2) SAP filtering - perhaps i should disble this on the router?

Also, even if I can get it through the router, how do I tell pcanywhere which computer on the LAN I want to work with?

I can't bill this guy until I solve the problem...so...HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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i'm going to tell you the fastest way to get this set up:

1)after installing pcanywhere on all the client and remote computers you need to set up a caller account on each client.

basically all you need to do is setup a password and i recommend you use encryption. here's how:


2) you must then open ports for each client computer. let me give you a real example:

pcanywhere version 11 - client machine with internal LAN IP of needs to have ports TCP 5631 and UDP 5632 enabled.

thse are the exact ports you need to open on each client machine if using version 11

if you do not have PCAnywhere version 11 check here for port numbers to use:


3) since they are using cable internet their WAN IP adress will change dynamically which means you must do this:


if you do a google search you can find some free services that do this for free. you should ask if your customer want to pay for this service.

4) you need to setup the remote computer to connect to the clients. open pcanywhere and click on remotes. you can either modify the default "network, cable, DSL" or right on it and copy it.

right click on the default or the one you copied and select "properties". under the "settings" tab in the "network host pc to control or ip address" box type in the client computer's WAN IP address.

all of the client computer will have the same WAN IP i assume since they all share the same cable internet connection. this can be found in the router config or whatismyip.com will tell you. you must use the WAN ip at the client end not at the remote end.

if you use the "automatically login" option under the settings tab you need to make a copy of the default "network, cable, DSL" for each client machine and rename them. than modify the name and password for each client

this way you can just click for example "computer1" and it will get onto the network, attach to one of the client machines, and login automatically using the specified name/pass. clicking "computer2" will login to another client machine with a different name/pass.

otherwise you will get a list and have to select a machine to login to and enter the name and passwords every time, a real BIG hassle.

if you need more help let me know

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almost forgot something very important; for each client machine you need to set them to start pcanywhere every time windows loads up and to have them accept another call during abnormal program termination AND accept another call after ending a session so the client machines will always be available to the remotes.
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Chheeers on the great post!

Crash Abbott

\"You\'re the Disease, and I\'m the Cure!\"
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Default THANKS!!!!

THANKS SO VERY MUCH for your input. I'm visiting the client tomorrow, and I will try it out! I'll keep you posted. Again, I GREATLY appreciate your help!
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Default THANKS!!!

THANKS so much for your great advice...worked!!!! I opened ports 5631 and 5632 on the client's Netgear broadband router, and forwarded them to the internal (192.168.0.x) IP of one of the client machines. I then tested accessibility from my home, and I got in without a hitch.

Now all i need to do is visit the client's home to install pcAnywhere there, configure/test it, and then...hand him the bill!

Much appreciated! Thanks again for your help!!!!!!!

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