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vance43211 10-12-2004 08:05 PM

Partition Magic Question
Do Partition Magic 8 make seperate partions that XP will recognize in DOS?

When I got PM7 i created 2 Partitions. when i went to reinstall xp, but keep my data, XP only seen 1 hard drive in DOS. I lost my data on the reformat

that was when I found out I could use the XP cd to make Partitions

I have PM8 now

TheMajor 10-12-2004 08:38 PM

You probably didn't see one of them because it was NTFS.

Maybe I don't fully understand your question :confused:

vance43211 10-12-2004 09:13 PM

2 years ago I partition my 80 gig hard drive with PM7 within windows. Partion magic 7 did it finewith No problem (I made one 25g partiton for OS and one 50g for Data) I thought

I went reinstall windows. I boot with the xp cd. after hitting f8 to install xp, it check for version of xp and said I had a one partition C (80gig) I had to delete it (I lost everything. But I had most of my stuff on cd)

Then i notice I could create partitions the xp cd. I did that

now when I use Max Blast 3 to Create Partitions on 1 hard drive, I create 3 parttitions that windows recognize in DOS.

I looking at the layout of Partion Magic 8. It looks like it can creat XP Partitions that will be recognized in DOS.

TheMajor 10-12-2004 09:20 PM

well, it should also work with PQm7...I have no idea why it went wrong
maybe you created a ext2,ext3 or reiserFS partition wich are not detected.

But PQmagic8 makes good partitions, as long as they are FAT32 or NTFS windows-setup will detect them

vance43211 10-12-2004 09:28 PM

That's a good thing

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