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Default Paint Shop Pro 7 Browse Window

Anyone here familiar with Paint Shop Pro?

I've got a strange problem i can't seem to fix.

Normally, when you have a file type associated with a program, and that program is integrated into the windows shell, you can right click the file and send it to the program. This opens the program and the program instantly opens the file.

I can't get my images to open up within Paint Shop Pro. I used to be able to do this with ease, with other computers. It only happens with PSP. Instead, once PSP opens up, it opens up this strange BROWSER window with a directory tree automatically opened up to it's own image folder (within the jasc psp folder -- it's default image folder). I've gone through all the settings and there's no way to change this that i've seen. I'll add, that i've never seen this problem before with any other computer.

Here's an example of what happens:

I right click on image.jpg within c:\My Pics. I click "OPEN WITH" and choose Paint Shop Pro 7. PSP7 Opens, and it in turn opens up a browser window displaying it's default image folder and some sample thumbnails. My image does not get sent to the program and it doesn't open through the shell unless i open it manually through PSP itself (tedious sometimes).

It's not a problem with the file. It does this with any image and any image type. I can easily open the file with MS PAINT and it'll send the image to MS PAINT as it's supposed to.

Seems to me this funky browser thing is stopping the flow of the image being sent through the program. Anyone out there know a way to get rid of it? Maybe i've overlooked something.

And please... don't suggest i use Adobe because i don't like adobe!

This is what the helpfile says!

"Although you will not see the Browser when you first open Paint Shop Pro, it is an integral feature of the program. The Paint Shop Pro Browser, a tree-based browser similar to the Windows Explorer, is a visual file system that makes image file management easier and more intuitive. Use it to preview the images in a folder before opening them. "

... But i AM seeing the browser when i first open psp!

The only \"intuitive\" interface is the nipple. After that, it\'s all learned. ;)
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If you still have trouble after that, try setting the extension to open with another program temporarily then setting it back to psp7.

If all else fails, try uninstalling/reinstall psp7.

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Microbell, thanks for the help... but maybe you didn't understand what i was saying. The problem is not with file associations. In fact, i have ALL of my image file extentions set to open up with PSP. The problem is that when i click a file, or if i use the shell (OPEN WITH... PSP) all it does is open PSP and open the lamo psp browser window to c:\programfiles\jascsoftware\images .

No matter what file i open, no matter what file type, it only opens PSP and opens the browse window to c:\programfiles\jascsoftware\images .

It never actually opens the file i'm trying to open.

RoyalW, i tried that too. It went back to doing the same exact thing once i reinstalled it. As a test, i installed the program on another win2k machine in this house. I installed it the same way.

It works fine for the other computer. Double clicking or using the shell to open the image sends the image to PSP with no problems.

This is completely mind bogling. Anyway, it has nothing at all to do with file associations because i always make sure all image files are associated with PSP. Anyone else have any ideas?? I looked into the system's registry for any clue as to what was opening up the browse window. I found nothing pinpointing a problem.
The only \"intuitive\" interface is the nipple. After that, it\'s all learned. ;)
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