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Default optical drive slow down


I've just upgraded my PC but now when i try to view dvd's the movie will
slow down and i'll get like 1/2 speed (slow motion) including slow sound
(with lots of clicking). This never happened on my older - inferior pc even
though i'm still using the same dvd-rw drive.

This problem also extends outside of playing media. Whenever i put a disc in
the drive with a large file e.g. >1Gb and say try to copy it to the hard
drive everything slows down. I'll get the same slow motion sound and
crackling when e.g. windows diplays a dialogue box and makes that "ding"
noise. The "ding" will reverberate in slow motion combined with crackling
background noise.

Also, general OS and program responsivness slows down dramatically (e.g.
trying to open up outlook express to type this problem). The problem ceases
as soon as any copying is complete or no large media files are being played
off a disc. This is incrediably annoying considering I could do all those
things previously before upgrading; and play games all simultaniously and
suffer little performance degradation.

Also, one of the programs i ran came up with a message saying DMA (Direct
Memory access) was disabled on my drive and needed to be enabled or my cpu
would be put under huge processing load thus slowing things down. This, i
thought, was the solution to my problem. The program proceed to activate DMA
and reboot my PC. However the problem persists.

My new specs are dual core 6600, 2gig ram ddr2 and xfx nvidia 7900gt on a
ga965-ds3 motherboard.

You'd think that kind of grunt could play a measly dvd movie..considering my
old system of p4 3ghz, 1gig ram ddr1 and gigabyte 6600gt on a ga-8knxp rev2
motherboard could. Oh and i almost forgot - i upgraded my hard drive from a
120gig sata1 to 250gig sata2.

I'm stumped, the only thing i can think of is maybe the 50gig partition
(that i haven't even filled half of) that windows and other programs sits on
somehow isn't large enough for a what usually is a 2gig page file. Unless its
my graphics card - which makes even less sense than my previous sentance.
Hmm, maybe i should have gotten that gigabyte gpu instead of some unkown
brand like xfx *scratches head*. This problem occurs even when my cpu is only
at 50% usage.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

note: this problem doesn't occur if i run these files from the hard drive
rather than my dvd-rw. which of course is not something i can legally do with
commercial dvd's.

P.S. i'm running XP with latest updates etc etc
P.P.S. i found out that this problem doesn't occur in diagnostics
startup via msconfig. My guess is is that its a process. The only thing I could think of in terms of software that may be interfering is pc-cillin internet security 2007.

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Clean the disc.

If it's the same disc after time; it's probably dirty or scratched, not the drive.

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I wish it were that simple. But it ain't. This occurs with any file of large size or even new dvd's. The main symptom is a 'stuttering'. In dvd's for example, the sound won't sinc with the video and the video will jump around instead of playing at a constant speed. Its not a physical problem but a software one. At least thats my suspicion. I've tried re-installing my audio and nvidia drivers but no luck so far.
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It may be a video codec problem.

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Ok, possible solution:

Utilising trial and error i think i found the culprit. RTHDCPL.exe is the process associated with my motherboard sound driver. I tried disabling it and then played a dvd. Of course i couldn't hear anything but the video didn't jump around anymore or stutter anymore.

**** gigabyte, this isn't the 1st time i've had problems with their drivers. Can you believe they even shiped a raid driver on the motherboard installation cd for my motherboard that doesn't even support raid!?! I made the mistake of clicking the express install button once with the net result of losing my dvd-rw completely from windows (nolonger visable in 'my computer') thanks to that particular driver.

What is it with gigabyte? I wonder if they have secret code embedded withing their drivers to stuff up any MSI detected hardware sinde MSI are one of thier competitors. I wouldn't be the least bit suprised.
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