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Default Re: Opera whines about IE

Originally Posted by Makaveli213 View Post
Umm No. Because of the fact that you dont NEED to connect to the internet to get the installers. I ahve all of the installers on my PC. A fresh install of either XP or Vista and i already have Firefox, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey or any other browser that i want WITHOUT having to open IE.
That is nice. I have 20 gig worth of installers. Only place I have to go is my file server to get it all

Again you folks are taking what i said and twisting it. M$ does not make any money or gain anything from having IE. IE is installed yes. But the fact of the matter is IE is so intertwined with Windows that removing it causes many machines to crash. So how is it fair?
Yes they do gain a lot.

#1 Browser used

"But you cant connect to the internet"

We know dude, this is a computer forum.
Your missing the point

FireFox = Strong Competition

Yes AOL pays money to OEM to include their software. But there is no way to say that M$ would LOSE money by having the IE, Firefox and/or Opera installer jsut sitting on the desktop. M$ wins either way. It is STILL WINDOWS that you paid for. It is still their OS you are using. So what if you dont use IE. It is free anyways. they make more from the searches on Live.com anyways compared to the amount of money IE brings in. Wait IE doesnt bring in any money. IT IS FREE..
Ya, it's free
They would lose ground in the Internet Browsing "world"

So are you kind of understanding what i am saying? Yes there would ahve to be some work to be done to include the installer for Firefox and Opera to the Windows install. Yes some license issues would ahve to be worked out. But there is no way that Mozilla or Opera would deny it. Windows is still the most used OS out there. To deny them having their installer on the desktop at install would be the worst move they could make.
Ya, there would be some work and $$$ upon $$$ paid to M$....to once again
give their competition just that much more of the upper hand.

Plus not doing it is not competitive. Which also can be brought to the attention of the USA Govt saying that they are being a monopoly in this area. It can be done. It isnt that hard. **** if i can create a XP install CD with Opera already on there. I think M$ can figure out how to get 3 little installers in there.
Ya, i'm pretty sure it's easy
But it all comes down to...

Why in the H*ll would Microsoft put the competitions installer on their CD's, give the option to use it over IE - which has had time and $$$ invested in greatly?

This is far far far away (even farther away from that once upon a time land) from a Best Practice of ANY business

Offer the competitions product right out the box...ah tha's a good one.

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Default Re: Opera whines about IE

Originally Posted by CntdwnToExtn View Post
Why in the H*ll would Microsoft put the competitions installer on their CD's, give the option to use it over IE - which has had time and $$$ invested in greatly?
Finally, someone who understands my point.

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