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Default oh god I'm going to faint this is a computer emergency if there ever was one oh god

okay. I'm win windows explorer. Windows xp. a slip of the mouse accidentally drags and drops "my documents" into something else. The little bar appears on the screenw with "copying files into blah blah blah...cancel?" you know how it goes. I say, oh, I don't want that, and I click cancel. Now the files are gone.
GONE. nowhere.

My priceless work, if I don't...oh god. I only have a few hours...I'm a grown man and i'm crying.

I know you're thinking, welll why didn't you back it up blah blha well let me tell you I was GOING to but working for days straight who would, after all, its only a few days and who ever heard of s**T like this happeniong anyway? HOW DARE THEY NOT PREVENT SOMETHING LIKE THIS FORM HAPPENING ?! It was just a miscalculated flick of the wrist!!!! If I cannot recover the files I swear I will take a baseball bat to this computer and scream at some underpaid microsoft tech support guy on the phone for hours.

EDIT: my career is RUINED

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First, do a file search on your pc for those files, they have to be somewhere.

Second, they tell you to back stuff up for a reason. Such as the one you are experiencing now. And if it was so priceless, one would think you would back it up just in case ..

Third, if you were to call in to tech support just to yell at someone for a mistake YOU made, don't be suprised if you hear a *click everytime. Agents don't tolerate bs from anyone. Especially from starfish.

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Have you tried a system restore point before the incident?
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Chances are files are still there. As sunsider said, search. When you drag the My Documents folder, Windows keeps track of where you moved it to. It is a "special" folder. So, most likley, your documents are in the old location, but "My Documents" is no pointing elsewhere. Look under "C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\My Documents\".

Its not MS' fault, nor yours. Accidents happen.
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also, go into my computer, tools, folder options, view and at the bottom see if or uncheck/recheck "show my documents on the desktop"
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you can't permanently delete something with a click like that

it has to be somewhere in your computer, just go to search and type up the name of a file that was in your my documents

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search for *.doc as well (assuming you typed word documents).
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Calm Down. It will be alright. Go to Start then Control Panel. Then click on Performance and Maintenance. Then on the left upper side of the menu click on System Restore. Restore to the day before you made this mistake. This should work. Let me know.
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hey first thing DONT SAVE ANY NEW STUFF TO YOUR SYS PARTITION on another partition install a file recovery software and scan for your files if u are lucky you will find them signed as DELETED BUT IN GOOD CONDITION so you can recover most of them good luck
by the way i always say "NEVER TRUST A COMPUTER"

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