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highwayman_uk 08-03-2002 04:12 PM

Office XP
Please can someone help.
I am running Windows Me and have just installed Office Professional Xp with Frontpage.
Everything has installed fine and I am able to use the software except, when I go to print anything I get a small line at the top of the page and nothing else.
Please can someone tell if it is not compatible with ME or if I need a new printer driver.
I am able to print from the web and other software I have.

Martin 08-03-2002 04:15 PM

You may have to update your printer drivers or either re-align/test your ink cartridges.

Which manufacturer/model do you have?

highwayman_uk 08-03-2002 04:17 PM

I have A Canon BJC-150. I have checked the cartridge and that is fine. Do I go to the Canon Driver site to upgrade>?

Martin 08-03-2002 04:25 PM

I wasn't able to find any on Canon's site, as many recommend to stay with the supplied WinME drivers. Try seeing if the BJC-210 drivers work for you instead, then switch back.

daveppeters 08-05-2002 12:08 AM

try a different operating system if you can, windows me has too many problems

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