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Default Novell Client acu.ini file

Hey all,

i am wanting to install this as part of my windows install. (Novell Client) and to do this we have set up a acu.ini (or answer file) to automatically do the installation (ie, it answers all the selections etc etc)

in the ini file there is this setting


however if i run this form a CD the cd drive many not alsways be the e:\drive? there for stopping the installation dead!

Using the windows RunOnceEx commands you can set up a variable like this

FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\win51ip.SP2 SET CDROM=%%i:

and then using the RunOnceEx command you can point it to the CDRom directory by typing


this then finds the drvier no matter what the letter is. However this will get the initail exe to run but the exe reads its directions from an ini file and the ini file tells it where the other files are located as stated above


is there a way to get this ini file that the acu for the novell client reads to point to the drive this is located on by using a variable like the one stated above for the runonceex commands? as the drive this is located on will not always be the same drive letter.

Cheers in advance.

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Is there a command to use that will check to see which drive it is using weather it be e or f? Like if you put it in f, and the first drive letter of the command is e, then it will go to the next, does that make sense?

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yeah that makes sense but i dont know if that excists or if an ini file can tell a program to look in a directory using a variable?

basically it will be located on the


X beiing the cdrom

if the cdrom changes from machine to machine (which it will) the program will crash if i set it up to look in a fixed driver letter. so i need it to somehow know what the cdrom directory is..

now in the other script i wrote you can see that this script searches for a specific file (xp service pack file) this is only located on the cdrom so when it finds it it takes the driver letter and uses that as the cdrom drive and runs all other programs that point to the cdrom to that drive.

however this is a windows command and it works fine, but with novel programs they dont get along to well with windows commands and i dont know how i can add a program in to point ithe acu.ini file from the novell clinet to its actual location can i just add the %CDROM%:\ instead of a fixed drive? or can i point it to the cdrom finder script and then someohow point it back to the porogram again??? its like a spagetti junction this one?

basicall how do you run an installation from a cd if the installation program itsself needs to point to a file on the cd? how can it do this if it donest know what the cd drive is?
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