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sluthy 09-24-2005 10:32 PM

Moving program files
How complicated is it to shift program files from one drive to another? Specifically, I want to move Steam's game files (over a gig each) from C;/Program Files/whatever to my new big drive E:/something to free up space on the C:/ drive for the rest of the family (6.5GB worth on a 20GB drive), plus I want to get Day of Defeat:Source and it won't fit on C:/. How exactly do I transfer the Steam/Valve folder without confusing the program and/or Windows?

dnoch 09-25-2005 12:47 AM

You can't just phisically move the files to your other drive as all the components that are linked to that program, will try to look for it in its old location. It is possible (ive done it before with a program or two) but you have to know exactly what is affiliated with the program, and set it to read from the new location.
To avoid a lot of trouble, I would suggest that you just uninstall the program, and reinstall it on the drive you want.

Win2kpatcher 09-25-2005 07:49 AM

It MIGHT work..Only reason is cause the registry still lies on that machine, but as mentioned they are usually set to point to c:\program files\etc... Now I have seen some that are linked to the EXE without a path. Meaning so long as it finds the executable on the system no matter the drive letter it will launch it.

Just do a test..copy all the data related to the game from the programs folder to the E:\ drive. Then delete the one off the C:\ the launch the game and see if it works..if it doesnt then you can put the folder back then un-install and re-install to the new drive as mentioned above.

sluthy 09-25-2005 08:00 AM

No worries guys, got it worked out - all I had to do was cut and paste the folder, delete one prefs file and that was it. It generated a new prefs file and it was all good. Thanks anyway.

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