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Old 12-21-2003, 11:45 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally posted by MrBillPro
Well we have lego creator that will run fine on 98se and i installed it on XP Pro and it would not work! and it will work on 2000 Pro so is that a plus? i don't see it like that, and a lot of the older software for 98 will not work on XP even in the 98 compatibility mode. and also i bet hardly anyone these days that buys XP Pro still uses old software maybe office or word, most buy software that will run with XP. I don't feel that is a major issue in Xp and 2000. I have every Windows OS since DOS and I like all of them but i like 2000 Pro because it's stable and it's more responsive than XP. I am not downing XP my kids have it on both of their PC's but I went back to 2000 Pro it just work better for me and is faster with my personal setup.
I do use XP's compatibility mode for a game called Red Alert and it works fine, a friend of mine tried it on his 2000 machine but it wouldn't even install

I think 2000 is actually more stable than XP but I prefer XP for what it does

we all have our own opinions about OS's; I personally prefer the Mac OSX to any Windows OS but I still use XP.

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2000 Pro is extremely stable, but it was intended for use by networked computers, not home use. It's basically NT on steroids...Horse steroids.

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Old 12-22-2003, 07:48 PM   #23 (permalink)
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but it was intended for use by networked computers, not home use.

I use my 2000 Pro in my home network and have two other computers connected to it I guess this is ok the OS has been very stable with not even a glitch.
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Windows 99 from what ive heard. i kno laugh it up but it does exist and im in the process of getting a copy of it or trying to neways. is some screenshots plz dont post those have to be fake or nething cuz they very possibly could b and until i get it and install i wont kno for sure
these r some quotes from another forum i frequent

micro$oft were sued at the time of the release of the update to 98, it was the time when they were being ordered by the courts to remove ie 4 from windows so.. windows 99 (code-named windows nt commercial) was delayed. - the delay meant that they couldn't use the name 99 but it was a viable os never the less
there was also a windows 97, i had a copy of it, it was - as far as i know - a demo of 98 which timed out at the end of dec 97me

win 99 is the real deal and all you doubters miss out.
Like I said before don't mock what you have not tried.
win 99 is not win ME or 98. I know it was developed for microsoft's personal internal use ( no bugs, no freezing and error free) been looking for it for ages. The best OS ever created.

now a bug free m$ OS seems very very doubtful but something for u guys to think about
and yes i forgot to add linux beats windows out the door ne day

if i do in fact get it i'll let ya kno
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Mac OS X: no viruses have ever been created for it, and is practically uncrashable.
there are roughly 4,500 viruses in TOTAL for ALL Macs, and none of these affect the OS X
the amount of viruses for all Windows OS's in total go past 500,000

just in case you didn't know I really like the Mac OS X.... lol

well for a Windows OS I prefer XP, I am not going to argue about which is best but that is what I prefer
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The most stable OS of all time is Win 98 SE, it is and allways be the best one Microsoft ever made, becasue of one reason, it is the user that controles the computer, and not the computer controlling you

Even thought it is the best, i would not suggest someone using it, becasue it is only the best if you know every inch of it, other wise it will only **** on you
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2000 and XP IMHO are better OS's for laptops than Win95-98. Mainly because they have built in hibernation, as well as better power management. In 98, when i'd run it to the battery, so that it'd not build a memory on the battery, 98 gave me WTF messages.

That, and Plug and play is much better in XP than when I had it in 98.

This is all IMHO.
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Oh my God. We've made it this far through this thread without anyone mentioning Linux. ROTFL
As far as Windows in particular, Win2k SP4. Hands down .
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You guys stoned or something???
Have you tried keeping your Windows box running for more than three months?? Not to mention if you start installing lots of stuff on it.
There is no Microsoft OS that can beat any Unix based system when it comes down to stability.
Most commercial distrobutions of Linux got to stores hush hush, so you may find some problems with them because there simply not tested very well.
As for most stable, openBSD is rock solid. Debian is one of the best Linux distros.

And if you really want a Microsoft OS. DOS would be the most stable one

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