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Default The most ANOYING problem.(USB)(Plug and Play)(Unknown device)(ONLYafterAfewREBOOTS)

ok, this is a wierd problem, but id assume im not the only one who's ran into this. cause its a problem fora common device.

(XP pro, sp1, fully updated)(not sp2)
device- mitumi floppy/7in 1 memcard reader.
model#: fa404m

memcard reader accessed threw internal usb 2.0

first time system starts the device is recognized fine, using 'usb mass storage divece driver' from "c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbstor.sys"

after a couple to a few restarts, the device is nolonger recongnized... in divice manager it's now showing as "unknown device"... 'no driver installed'.

only way for me to get it recognized again is to 'shut down pc'... then 'unplug it from the wall' till u hear that residual power drain. then plug it back in and reboot... the device is then detected properly... but only for the time being... if i restart a few more times it will no longer be recongized, then i must unplug again.

iv had a similar problem with a diff usb device ona diff pc...( usb game controller, on XP home)

but with that usb controller, i could just uninstall, plug it back in, let it redetect and it would work.
even after i uninstall the memcard reader though and have it redetect, it will only redetect it as a 'Unknown device".

the usb game controler use to give me an error stating something like - 'device failed to starts, something about something remaining in memory'

i suspect this memcard usb problem im having is similar, but not the same. and iv tryed searching for some vauge fix's, but i dont even know were to start for searching for such a prob, since there are soo many usb probs, and there realy hard to narrow down and differentiate.

i know theres gota be a fix out there, i just dont know were. any help is greatly appreciated. Thx a Lot. This i 1 of the most F'in Anoying probs iv run accross.

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Use proper grammar and I will help you.

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dude, some ppl don't have time to make their posts perfect, and check spelling and krap like that...
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Got the same problem for my iPod. Help will be greatly greatly appreciated.
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Are you getting any information captured in the event log? This might have some information on the matter.
start, Run, eventvwr.
Look through system and application and see if you can find anything like a warning or error that it around the same time the problem begins...
Also, have you looked at the config for the USB ports? are they running into power problems? is the Memory card reader selfpowered or usb powered?
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ive had the problem after a while my problem just stopped. idk why lol. but i think i have an idea if ud like to try it...
bios are sometimes a pain.. they can change on u and keep changing. happened to me. they wouldn't stay set to what i wanted it to boot off of even hit i hit SAVE & EXIT. soo heres what id do. open ur bios and go to ur usb settings make sure that ur usb is turned on. now when it says that it is not install dont unplug it as u said. reboot and open ur bois see if it is still turned on.
u can always do a windows update as well lot of fixes for that drive are in them.
post back and ill see if ican help some more if that doesn't work or if what inaris said will work... he seems to have a good hold on computers lol
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my update -

the compute has gone threw several restarts today. and i believe its safe to say that my problem has been resolved. it has been detected every time so far.

so the resolution to my particular situation was to switch it to a different internal usb port. (example- u know how thy group 2 internal usb ports in the same place... my bourd had 3 groups... 2 groups with 2xusb's, and 1 groupe with just 1xusb for memcards... i took it off that and put it on an unused group of ports)

i did as much research as i could about usb host controller chipset dirvers. and i installed the latest via drivers for the controller, but i also found that via stated that the newest usb2.0 dirvers for XP are only avalible by updating to SP1 or higher.... i already had SP1 though.

when this first happened i did check event viewer and there was nothing there.... prolly cause, the device was being detected, but just installed as a 'unknown device' with no functionality.

the most iv found out since is that some others have this issue aswell but thy have SP2 installed. so SP2 may cause some issues as well, just so others know though.. cause i only installed SP1.

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