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Old 04-14-2004, 01:51 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Looking for some advice Please

Hi, ive just made a bit of a boo-boo and lost access to windows and im looking for some advice if possible.

The Problem

Turn on the computer and after veryfiying Pool Data, it goes into startup menu.
1. Normal, 2. Logged, 3. Safe Mode, 4. Step-by-Step, with SafeMode highlighted. Also says

Warning: Windows detected a registry/configuration error.
Use SCANREG to correct this error.

I go into SafeMode and see an Explorer warning box.

Explorer has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL.
Explorer will now close.

This leaves me in SafeMode but with no icons.
Ctrl, Alt dlt and get an empty box... i restart.

If i go into 4. Step-by-Step Confirmation ...

Create a startup log file (BOOTLOG.TXT) Press Y
Enable SMARTDRV disk cache
Loading and initializing IFSHLP.SYS driver ...
Load all Windows drivers. Press Y
Registry File not found. Registry Services may be inoperative for this session.
Override standard IFSMGR Press Y
Overide standard VMOUSE Press Y

It then takes me to the grey background of SafeMode and only shows an 'Add New Hardware Wizard' window.

Windows has found the following hardware:

... But doesn't say what?
Offers to find drivers (Recommended) I press Next and it searches my floppy and says, Unable to locate software for the device.

I also tried to search for the new drivers but only the A:\ drive was available. When i try Browse it lists Desktop, C:\ drive and all contents but doesnt allow me to OK.

I click finish and get a box show up which says -


in the title bar, and

SURegCreateKey failed!

I press OK (The only option) and i it leaves me again with just the blank, grey screen of SafeMode and an oversized cursor.

Ctrl, Alt Dlt again to get empty box. Reboot.

2. Logged (\BOOTLOG.TXT gets same results
1. Normal gets same results

My IE had just frozen after having multiple pages open. I deleted a couple of files that were dated/timed in the last minute, one was Acrord32 or somthing like that. I had about 8 web pages open, a notepad window, calculator and Real Player open at the time.

I guess i messed up big time deleting those files (Still dont know why i did it???) but is it possible to fix?

What is SCANREG? Will it fix it?
How do i access/use it?
Can i D/L the missing files i deleted (whatever they were?) onto floppy and then install in SafeMode with wizard?
Can i name and confirm the missing files? How?

Im days away from getting a new comp setup but would really like to resolve this if possible, any help on this would be greatly appreciated,
Thanx in advance

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yep just follow wadeva microbell says and you'd be safe... hmm

go to bios, boot from cd, load windows cd and repair

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Im using ME. I cant access a useable window. It goes to enter SafeMode but the option i get is to install drivers for (unknown) device, and after that just a blank grey screen. I tried the system recovery disk that came with the comp (about 4 yrs old), and this gives me the option to use second chance, but when i try, it says second chance is not monitoring any drives. The only other choices available there is to reset the OS back to factory status, but i guess this would lose all the info on the HDD, or goes to C:\PSQI\Programs. The PSQI bit may be wrong, but it is similar.
If i manage to obtain another HDD would it possible to transfer the data i want onto that, and then use the recovery disk to get the OS back on my original HDD?
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Old 04-15-2004, 09:42 AM   #4 (permalink)
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WHY ME!!?!?!? ,, ugh! I feel for you,,,

I would say that your install is fried... dont spend your time bashing your head into the keyboard, it only leaves marks, and the keyboard will break..

Purchase/ Borrow a second hard drive,, make it the master, remove your HD from your pc and put this drive in,, install with your recovery cd,, then once operational and all drivers are fine,, add the original HD back as slave,,(the F*$%'d one) and attempt to recover files,,, once this is done,, remove the drives,

Put the F*$%'d drive back in,, FDISK/FORMAT, Recovery CD... then again, once all drivers are set, add borrowed disk,, with you info on it and copy back to your original HD,, then format the Borrowed HD and return to friend, or if purchased Format and use as a second drive,,

Me is really hard to recover from when the OS has been corrupted,, You can "try" lots of things , but with this particular excuse for an Operating (key word) system,, you are best to restart fresh,,,

sorry for the news mate,,

Crash Abbott

\"You\'re the Disease, and I\'m the Cure!\"
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what exactly was ur boo boo?
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