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rookie1010 04-30-2004 05:31 PM

login and password
My windows XP is setup for two users, however the pc does not prompt any of the users for a password.
can you tell me how to change the settings for the login screen to prompt the user for a pssword, also when i leave the computer unattended for while, how do i get the pc to lock itself and prompt me for a password.

Lobos 04-30-2004 06:36 PM

start - control panel - user accounts click on the account you want to make a pasword for click create password

Worked4me 04-30-2004 08:16 PM

Hey rookie1010,

To lock the computer after a cetain amount of time
Right Click in an empty space on the desktop, select Screen
Saver, tick the On resume, display welcome screen and
set the time.

Good Luck.

rookie1010 05-01-2004 08:26 AM

thanks dudes

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