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Default Locating RealOne Player components

Real Player has the irritating habit of automatically downloading updates, codecs and plugins from within the program itself, never informing the user where (or if) these are downloaded as physical files on the hard drive. The specific version I use is RealOne Player version 2.0, which I installed over a year ago.

RealOne Player allows MP3 encoding, but only up to the bitrate of 96kbps. To reach a higher bitrate requires an extra plugin, which used to be free. I have this plugin, listed under 'Help > About > Version Info' as 'RealJukebox High Bitrate MP3 Plugin'. Now the Real corporation has taken the infuriating step of making this plugin obtainable only in 'premium' versions, and therefore it cannot be downloaded anywhere on the internet.

I now wish to locate this plugin so that I can transfer it on floppy disk to another machine. However, aside from being listed under 'Version Info', I cannot find any evidence of it on the hard drive. All of the plugin .dll files in the Program Files\Real directory were created at the point of initial installation, and therefore must be the default ones. Where does RealOne Player store downloaded updates/plugins? They can't simply be encrypted into the program itself. I recently installed RealPlayer on another machine and the directory appears to contain all the same files as those on the current computer, even though when opened it does not have the ability to encode good mp3 files. Where is the plugin information stored which permits RealOne Player to use higher bitrates?*

Thanks for any response - hope this post wasn't too longwinded...

*I generally prefer RealPlayer to Windows Media Player and the godforsaken iTunes, but Real appears to be making a very bad commercial move by limiting MP3 encoding options

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You don't mention what OS you are using...

In Windows 2000, and possibly XP, You "may" find the plugins here:

Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Real
(substitute username for Administrator if you are logging in as a User)

In Win 9x you might want to look in a similar "Application Data" folder - sorry I don't have a Win9x machine handy to check.

I'm afraid I'm not completely sure of the above info as I don't allow Real to update at will on my machines

Failing the above you may want to send an e-mail to their customer support folks - believe it or not they will actually respond, I tried it once and was mildly amazed that I received a reply that was "almost" helpful.

Check this page for info on contacting them:
(watch the wrod wrap)

Sorry I can't be any more help than that.


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Default RealPlayer

I've always hated real player for the same reasons you describe, and I've always been able to use other software in it's place except now......

I'm an AM radio talk junkie and I can't get AM reception in my office so I use my computer with media palyer or whatever streaming method is used by the various radio station websites I've used. The problem is that many of the stations require real player to p/u the stream. I do not have administration rights on my office computer so I cannot install real player even if I wanted to which I really don't.

What I really want to do is run real player from a cd WITHOUT installing it. Do you know if this is possible?

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