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Default Internet Dies, Restart Required to Fix...any ideas?

This is a quote from Google's Groups,

Hello all,

Been having this problem for years but have been unable to solve it.

My current setup for internet access is involves one way satellite
(actually a parabolic dish pointed at a ground station) with a modem
for the upstream. This is on a Windows XP Pro PC with Wingate for
sharing the connection with three other computers. I use a combination
of the ENS/NAT and Winsock Redirector Service for sharing the
connection. This works fine most of the time. But every so often (can
be within minutes or can be hours) the connection dies. It's still
connected but I'm unable to send out data (not so sure about receive).
Reconnecting doesn't help only a restart.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with my ISP directly.
Despite my complex set up, I should mention that if I disable (turn
off) Wingate this still happens, although less frequently (I think
it's less frequent). In fact, I'm pretty sure during one install, my
connection did the same thing before I installed Wingate (possibly
before I installed the satelite drivers/software but not so sure about
that). Also, my ISP has a special account which I can use for a modem
only connection and the connection still breaks if I use this. I've
tried an external Diamond SupraExpress 56k and an internal ISA Diamond
SupraExpress 56k both show the same problem. Changing modems while the
connection is broken (still requires restart) doesn't help nor does
resetting or turning off and on the external one.

If made a few interesting observations. The dying connection seems at
least partially to do with network activity in the sense that if I
copy files from or to the router PC, the connection dies faster/more
often. It also appears possible I think that sometimes, when I turn on
another PC, this kills the connection (although sometimes it dies by
itself even with no other PCs I believe). Another thing which seems to
make the connection die faster sometimes is downloading files (and
browsing), especially with IE, on the router computer. This problem
occured on Windows 2k and NT4 (quite a while back) but if I recall,
did not occur on Windows 98 (all OSes were fresh installs). Wingate
version has also varied from 4.5 or earlier in the past to 5.x (latest
as at yesterday). I also believe that in the past, I found that
GetRight on the router computer use to kill the connection quite fast
sometimes but if I made it use the local socks proxy which WinGate
provided, it did not.

One more thing. After the connection dies, I've found I can't ping
anything even the server/gateway the modem is connected to. But if I
disconnect and reconnect, I can ping the server/gateway although a
tracert to any other IP, doesn't even make it to the server computer.

Been away for a while and now that I'm back from a smooth, fairly
reliable DSL connection, really at a wits end with this problem. So
thanks for any help anyone can provide.
--and for me, pretty much the same thing, just with dialup/56K:
I use dial-up internet...and until the last two months, this wasn't a problem. Now it is. After the computer has been on the internet for a few hours, it dies, whereas when you open a browser and try to load a site (even though the connection still exists), it 'cannot be found'. This is the same with pinging, network access, local server etc.

I have apache / mysql running on my computer, and even accessing those will cause this 'not found' page, which obviously localhost should be available to this computer always

Anyway, I'm thinking this problem is the cause of many others, so thought maybe someone here might know of this.

Windows XP Pro SP2 w/all updates
Ad-aware and Norton AntiVirus scanned & cleaned, running Norton firewall...all updated. Defragged computer, scanned for errors,

and recently tried many of those programs that supposedly fix your internet connection etc. always backing up my settings, but they never did I always just restored/uninstalled them

Any ideas/help...much appreciated....thanks!

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did this happen b4 or after you install service pack 2

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try reinstalling DUN, most I can think of as I'm not sure if satalite has any special protocalls to use.
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Old 12-13-2004, 12:14 AM   #4 (permalink)
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This happened before SP2...I hoped it'd help, but SP2 seemed to really do nothing to my computer besides the new "security" features, which I so nicely disabled immediatly

As far as reinstalling DUN, can't do it too easily with AOL...they try to stop all of that stuff. I have recently reinstalled AOL hoping that might do something, but nope. I can use their system tool to do it, but it doesn't help any... This is such a strange problem, I see many people with it on the Groups, but nobody has found a solution, that I'm aware of...!

any other ideas?
thanks for all!
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try a new modem
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