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Old 12-08-2004, 12:40 PM   #11 (permalink)
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I would make new floppies, they could be damaged. I had to try 20 different floppies some times ago because they were all damaged. My 2k disk doesn't boot either.

You can boot using a 98 floppy disk from

boot and browse to your CD/DVD drive. (usually d: or e

then type "dir" to check the folders on th 2k disc

then type "cd bootdisk" (as far as I can remember, the folder could also be named differantly, u can see the folder's name after typing "dir" though.

after typing "cd bootdisk" there should be 2 files called something like "bootdisk.bat" and "boot32.exe"

type the name of the one that doesn't say "32" and press ENTER.

This way u don't need to use a different comp.

I would be easier to get the 2k disks from though.. lol

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Well, now that you mention that you have another computer to exparement with, it would be wize to also get another Hard Drive with an Operating System in it, and install Win2000 Pro on your new HD to frome that one. Because we all know that the Win2000 CD cannot boot by itself. To do this, you must connect the 2 HD's in that comp at the same time. So you must configure the jumpers (Little square things inbetween the "Power connector", and the ATA\IDE or whatever port.) Correctly. Your main Boot HD should be set at M-(master), and the HD you're trying to install Win2000 one should be S-(slave).

Since your HD should be recognized as drive D:\, you you must make shure that it installs in that drive only.


Originally posted by bonehelm

I just found out I\'ve been using direct X 8.1 since its out.
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this is a new and will be the only HDD being installed, in this PC. Anyway it appears that as the PC doesn;t know or cannot find the hard drive or CD drives, there may be a problem with the mother board.

Which is fine, but if the Hard Drive can not be found by the PC, and I can't change the BIOS so it is set to auto. I can't see how I installed the BOOTDISC, using floopy discs!!

It is all very strange, maybe I should throw it out, only wanted to give my old pc to my technological retarded mother.
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Whoa, people, I think we're missing something here....New HD?! first that HD has to be formated, partitioned, then the installation can go on from there. I have installed win2k so many times i can see the stupid menu items in my mind.
The four blank disks are fine if they got him to where he needs to be to start the format, partitioning, then installation. But if the comp is still not finding a HD possibly the HD's jumpers are set incorrectly....?
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Old 12-10-2004, 01:58 AM   #15 (permalink)
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Hi, many thanks for your comment, according to my local pc world expert i should have the jumper over the MA Connectors.

Which I don;t understand, as this is the only HDD that my PC has, now years ago studying a little bit of electronics, when you put a plastic cover over a connector that would stop it from working. I presume PC's are different?

The other connectors I have is one with no lettering, one with CS, and one other with SL.

Also just to clarify, once I have installed the bootdisc using the floppies in the sequance the PC tells me...I then get the screen that asks, whether I want a clean install, a repair, or abort....When I select new/clean install, nothing happens and I get a screen unable to find computer will now reboot...
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Yes, I agree with jacksback. I think first of all you should see your HDD and CD-ROM in Bios menu or in start menu. Look at the Screen when you switch on your computer - how about message in which Bios writes information about your HDD and CD-ROM in system. Also check your mother board (read the manual). Does your mother board supports HDD 40 Gb? For example, I have at home the computer (special for testing my programs with Win95 and other OS), which doesn't support HDD large than 30 Gb. And first time, it didn't support 30 Gb, it supported only 8 Gb! It supports 30 Gb only after reloading bios. You can also try to connect different variant of HDD and CD-Rom, for example - only HDD - primary master or only CD-ROM -primary master and HDD-primary master and CD-Rom primary slave or secondary master. Check you primary port - it may be out of order, try to connect you HDD on secondary port.
The main idea - you must see your HDD and CD-Rom when you switch on you computer.

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