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Default IE reloading everything?

Everytime I browse the web, especially when I search stuff, I have noticed that my browser reloads everything. And I mean everything. I recently built this new computer so I don't think it did it on my old one. But I mean even in just a forum, it reloads all the "edit" "reply" and every single little thing everytime I go to another page, even if its in the same topic. Or like when I am visiting a web page that I am just checking the news and such, and theres a flash layout that surrounds the text, it relaods the entire flash layout every single time. Is there a specific option I can enable that I am missing here that will only load new stuff, and remember the images etc that I have already seen.

An easier way to see also is this, if I load a page with say 100 images, if I go to antoher webpage and hit my "back" button, it starts downloading and reloading all thsoe 100 images again. On my old computer, it saved those and new I had downloaded and viewed them before.

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there is a setting to change this. Go tools\options for IE. Then where it says Temp Internet files, select settings. Check to make sure you have space allocated out to store them, and then also check to see what the setting is, automatic, every time, ...
That should set you on the correct path.

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It is set on auto, and it was on 1100 MB. I moved it to 3000 MB. I dunno if this is going to fix it or not, just tripling the file size?

The problem happens even on webpages I viewed 3 seconds ago. I would think making the file size larger would only affect web pages I viewed weeks ago. As soon as I go to another webpage and click my back button, it reloads every single thing again thats on the page as if I had never seen the page in my life.

What is annoying me so much, is when I view forums, and everytime I want to view a new topic or the next page in the same topic, it takes alittle bit to reload all the little icons and buttons (reply edit new), and the borders and flash layout around the forum itself, BEFORE it even starts to load the actual posts and texts.

I am on cable and I think the problem is that IE ony loads 1 or 2 things at a time (I can actually see it doing this), so when its loading an entire forum layout or webpage every time, theres around 30+ buttons and images to load and they have to go 1 at a time, which would be ALOT faster if it just used all my bandwidth to load them all at the SAME time rather than 1 at at time.
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are you using ms vm and/or suns java? which one? security settings could be causing problems with java running, or virus scanner could be scanning it causing delay, may need to install java tools or turn the current java set on. a good way is that the sights that are taking the longest, check out the source and look to see if its loading in java. It will look like this somewhere:

a bunch of crap


<script type = "something/javascript">
bunch of crap

but its probably just nortons or something scanning the page.\

I could be .asp, where the info is stored server side and also could just be the way the page was written.
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