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ATIRAGEPRO 04-03-2004 07:11 PM

I Need Help!!! (windows Cant Load My Desktop.)
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Bare with me......

I had boght a clone computer from a computer repair shop about a month ago. it was working fine for a while, but one night, I was starting it up, and after it finished loading, It just sits there. For hours.... Doing nothing....

What is going on?

sPlAtOiD 04-05-2004 03:51 PM

what do you mean clone computer?

jaun1477 04-05-2004 04:12 PM

a friend stoped in alt+control+del explorer.exe and that took his desktop out
by the time he turned on his comp it came like you said
the only solucion he had was to reinstall the os

asupertech 04-05-2004 05:34 PM

what do you mean doing nothing? no icons? hourglass stays on for hours?
can you choose ctrl-alt-del... what happens?

what OS? What type of computer? need info like that.

If you Kill Explorer.exe with Task manager and it doesnt restart. do this...
In the Task manager windows click File
Click New Task
Type after OPEN: explorer.exe
hit enter.

that will restart it.
rebooting will usually fix it also of course.. unless explorer.exe was damaged or renamed or deleted... then you have other major problems...

ATIRAGEPRO 04-06-2004 11:05 PM

Another Problem....
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I had recently added a new graphics card (Matrox Mullenium II) inside my computer hoping for something different to happen. unfortunateley it still comes up blank, but an interesting warning pops up:

"The driver file that displays your items correctly on your screen isn't working.

To fix this, you might need to install a new display driver. see the windows update web site of your display driver manufacturer."

Another thing interesting is that now, the desktop is white. But this time i can see my mouse. And every time I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, Only one program is on the list. (Navdll.dll)

Hewlett Packard Pavillion Equivelent Clone:
*266mhz AMD K6 processor
*128 MB PC133/256k pipeline burst Cache
*6.38 GB Hard drive
*4 MB ATI 3D Rage Pro graphics card
*Windows ME

I hope that theres hope....

asupertech 04-06-2004 11:51 PM

NAVDLL>DLL is part of your Nortons Antivirus program. can you boot your computer into safe mode?

Try doing that
reboot computer
during boot up press the F8 button.
you will get a menu. Choose Boot into Safe mode...

Go in and try to either disable your antivirus program, or uninstall it for now. Then try to reboot.

sounds like it is hanging on a startup item maybe.

I would also uninstall the video software and reinstall it.

also i notice that you are runnign winME.

Yeah you want to get rid of that and get a real Operating system....
sorry had to say it... ME does have a lot of issues.

But seriously try booting into safe mode and disable your virus scan software and reboot.

let me know.

ATIRAGEPRO 04-07-2004 12:42 AM

Oh yeah......
I treid that before. the screen turns blue and keeps telling me that it has an error loading a file called Vmm32.vxd. "System halted."


It's strange. I don't think ive ever installed Norton antivirus. And if i did, I don't ever recall using it. And besides the Screen problem, it can do everything else like starting up and installing drivers for hardware just fine.


And about Windows ME.....
I agree that ME's a peice of crap, but i'm starting to think that about every windows system. If i do get another computer i'm going to get another Macintosh.

asupertech 04-07-2004 12:59 AM

When you restart your computer, you may receive one of the following error

a) The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\Windows\Ifshlp.sys
b) The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\Windows\System\Vmm32.vxd
Type the name of the Windows loader (e.g., C:\Windows\System\Vmm32.vxd
c) While initializing device IFSMGR
The Microsoft Installable File System Manager cannot find the helper driver.
Please ensure that IFSHLP.SYS has been installed. System halted.
d) The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\Windows\System\Imagehlp.dll

When you receive any of these error messages, you must reboot your computer.

These error messages can occur for the following reasons:
a) An incorrect WinBootDir entry in the Msdos.sys file.
b) A missing or corrupted Ifshlp.sys file.
c) A missing or corrupted Vmm32.vxd file.
d) A missing or corrupted Imagehlp.dll file."

for that you need to refrence this page from microsoft.;EN-US;q258471

QUOTE: "Check also that the files vmm32.vxd and imagehlp.dll are present in the
windows\system folder and that ifshlp.sys is present in the windows folder.
Note that whilst imagehlp.dll and ifshlp.sys can be replaced using new copies
extracted from the Win Me cabs (see MS Technet Q129605) (which is here:;en-us;Q129605)

the file vmm32.vxd cannot
be replaced in this way and if missing or damaged there is little alternative
to reinstalling Win Me which can be reinstalled over the current damaged

I am still wondering what you originnaly meant when you started this thread saying " I had boght a clone computer from a computer repair shop about a month ago." We still need to know more info about this CLONE...

At this point, i would recommend a fresh new install of the OS..
Pull out all the stops... FDISK the drive, and reinstall the os...

Where did you get this clone from? If the spec in which you state are for this computer and you bought it a few months ago:
Hewlett Packard Pavillion Equivelent Clone:
*266mhz AMD K6 processor
*128 MB PC133/256k pipeline burst Cache
*6.38 GB Hard drive
*4 MB ATI 3D Rage Pro graphics card
*Windows ME

I hope you paid very lilttle amount for this computer. If the person charged you more then $75 I would insist that you get your money back.
you can find this Complete system -
Intel Celeron 1.7GHz 400FSB Win CD COA
128MB ,20GBHD CDROM Video Sound Keyboard mouse
for around $200 Online if you know where to look.

No for those wondering i am not selling this nor do i sell computers to anyone... I just did a search online.

sPlAtOiD 04-09-2004 12:50 AM

Did you uninstall you old video drivers befor you installed your new drivers.

ATIRAGEPRO 04-09-2004 01:11 AM

Oh crap....
Thanks for your help. Thoe, i dont have or have ever had a Windows ME upgrade CD, I do have one for windows 98. (God forbid that I'll ever have to use it again!) But i do have two problems. I cant install it thru the system i have, And neither can i install it in DOS mode because it wants some "Features" that were supposed to be in the hard drive or something. Claiming that the "Features" required were written on the box that came with the CD.

:cool: ...........


:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :(

And about my system:

Clone systems are as rare as they are generally expensive. (Luky me-only getting one for about $130.) Ranging from anywhere from $4000 to $6000 dollars a board. And are boght and sold without a body.

Clone systems are basically different types of computers from one company whose motherboards have been fused together, but are ran and regulated by a single 64 Bit modular BIOS.
Clone systems are also known to have more than one processor, and can handle up to 13 hard drives at once. And are compatible with many different memmory configurations like; PC133, EDO and laptop DDR.

Allthogh it dosn't look like much, the only thing thats really waying it down in terms of performance is the processor. Being a mere 266mhz.
But the weird thing isn't the problem it has, it was the order in which it happened. It's like something was purposeley trying to stop me from getting it to work. Some force...
anyway, i really hope somone has some more ideas, because the only idea i have left is to spray holywater on the hard driive.

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