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Default How do you set up your partitions?

I am building a new system with a Abit AN9 and 320 GB SATA drive. The install see's the drive but I forgot about the size limit in XP since I have a no SP disk.

Soooo, after the installation I have a 127gb partition, after updates I can see the rest of it.

How do you all manage partitions? I was thinking about expanding it to make a 300+ GB C: and then add my 120GB IDE for extra space, but I am starting to think a smaller 100 GB or so C: with an extra 200 GB drive is better. Do you all find it more of a pain to have a 300+ GB C: rather than a 100 GB or so C: and the remaining data drives?

My current system has about 70 GB in Program files, if I had the extra drives I would move my docs and any other data I back up to the extra drives.

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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

One big chunk: no mess, too lazy


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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

Originally Posted by peterhuang913 View Post
One big chunk: no mess, too lazy
Same here, lol.
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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

I have an 80 gig for OS's, and then have storage and program files partitions on a 250 gig. I like keeping the OS's separate. Trying to get programs that were previously installed is a hassle, though. So I'd say have a game partition, and then install the rest of the programs on your OS partition.

But having a separate data (or storage) partition is a must.

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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

Good Gravy! While having three hard drives and four partitions I still seem to run out of room having a 500gb drive split!

On the left is the Vista primary with the 500gb external usb storage drive properties seen. That's over 200gb seen for the Vista primary while not all of that space is used for files being stored there as well as on the usb model. The remaining space will likely see Limux root and swap partitions while those will probably be smaller then originally planned.
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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

I have a 50GB for XP, 75GB for Vista, 20GB for Ubuntu. After that i have a 320GB for Storage that i use with Torrent stuff. I have 140GB for music, 20GB for Documents, 30GB for pics, 120GB for other downloads (Drivers and apps) and it goes on.

I separate my OS from the rest of my stuff so when i format...i dont lose anything.
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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

I run drive at the moment seeing 465gb for XP having been strictly a storage drive before removing the ide drive where that was previously. The new install presently sees 220gb with the second being a temp storage partition until likely seeing ubuntu replace that on a much smaller root and swap pair.

The external 500gb is mainly for storage and backup of both XP and Vista while certain downloads and updates are stored in local directories on each primary. Gee? Already the Vista desktop is loaded up even more since that doesn't take long.

For video capturing and other things XP needed the capacity plus storing upto 420gb at times on the now Vista drive. The next version of Windows will likely see a 64bit edition replace XP however.
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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

On the gaming right i have 2 160gb drives. Each drive is 30 for the OS and the rest is for storage. I have xp on 1 30gb part and vista on the other 30gb part and just put my data on the leftover area. On the media pc, i have a 100gb partition for the os, and the other 3.5TB for data ><
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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

gaming computer
36gig Raptor
1. 9gig XP, Drivers
2. 24gig Games

gaming computer in a few days
--36gig Raptor
1. Vista, Drivers
--74gig Raptor
1 . Games

--120gig total
1. 20gig O/S, Drivers
2. 100gig Programs, small storage
--250gig Total
1. 20gig Virtual Machines
2. 230gig Storage

I keep O/S and storage on different partitions incase of O/S failure. I only need to quickly re-install the O/S and re-write permissions. no worries for files stored on O/S partition
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Default Re: How do you set up your partitions?

I have three partitions on my 160 GB drive:

1. 30 GB - Windows XP
2. 30 GB - Windows Vista
3. 90 GB - Personal Data Files


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