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Old 05-07-2005, 07:29 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default hey buds - os problem

I have a pentium3 450mhz pc going to spare and I want to put it to use as a general office editing pc and possibly a incredibly small scale webserver for my 2 page personal site.

Prob is i cant get xp to run off it, i checked minimum specs and even tho xp should put a pretty large load on it it shudnt not work - it has 450mhz, 128 ram, 8mb graphics, lan and all that.

I do not know whats going wrong, it never says. It just sits there idling at a flashing cursor forever, as soon as bios finishes initializing.

hope you guys can shed a light on this, i wanna get this up on my network quickly.

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i am led from my research elsehwere (majorly google) that this could be a disk related issue... i know the hd to be fine so any way i can back up the 40gb hd before i go for a full format? it is ntfs, so id be happy using win98 but for obvious reasons i cant without formatting.

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i really think you need more RAM bro
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i know its low spec (128mb ) but it is enough for xp. i used 64 before and got a really sluggish but working system.
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To back up your 40GB, you'll need another computer, and a copy of Symantec/Norton Ghost. You can take a 'snapshot' of the hard drive and send it over a network. You can also plug the HD in another comp, and transfer the snapshot between drives, or just copy your need files from one to another.

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Why XP ? Win 98 is good OS and it's requirements are lower.....
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Default Re:


Windows XP should work fine, providing that you're performance options are configured correctly. However, if all else fails, then perhaps Windows 2000 would be better. I'm currently operating on Windows 2000 on my dual-boot system, I find myself gaining hair rather than losing it when I boot into W2k.

Ok, this may seem dumb....but, have you installed Windows XP onto your Hard Drive...?

If you have successfully installed Win XP, and your system has reported all thumbs up, then make sure that your computer is set to boot into the specific hard drive in BIOS....

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Righto i only have 2 available (well 3 if you consider installing knoppix to hd as an option) and thats 98 and xp.

Personally i ant bothered what os it ahs as long as it can get internet from my router so 98 shud be ok. so heres the problem as it is now:

sometimes bios reports a bad controller (compaq bios being touchy, the controller on hd is fine(worked allright in the last system it was installed)) but whether or not bios detects the hd winxp setup (when booted from cd) actually detects the hdisc and tries to install to it.

The cdrom struggles to cope with the winxp cd so 98 might be my only option. However even tho i get a 98cd that has a boot disk integrated (98 cd boots aswell) I cannot run 98 setup because it claims that there is either no hard drive or fdisk says there are no fixed disk - this includes times when even the b ios says theres a disk.

Please dont say my mobo is dead.
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If your mobo was dead, your computer would not come up at all.
So that is not your problem.

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not in some cases, i have seen mobos pretend to be fine before...

But i like your way of thinking, what with the mobo being good, what ya suggest then? I hope its software or easily configurable whatever solution is like swapping cabl;es or setting bios etc...

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