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marcd455 02-29-2012 01:29 PM

HELP i messed up win7 install on ssd!!!
I have a new 120g corsair ssd i planned to get running today, so i plugged it in and starting installing windows everything was going smooth till i came back to check on things and the install froze? i decided my only option was to reset but when i did only thing to happen was "Loading operating system... BOOTMGR is missing Press ctrl alt del to restart". Tried resetting a few times and realized i screwed something up. Now my only option was plugging back in my hard drive to trouble shoot the situation and then of course now when i run my normal setup(old hard drive w/ windows 7) it is starting to load windows then crashing. i changed any bios settings i changed for ssd back to normal and tried "repairing"windows but nothing is working. How did me aborting a windows install on the ssd mess up my hard drive when it wasnt even plugged in!? Can anyone please please tell me there is a quick fix or maybe even someone with enough knowledge to walk my thru this?

Bigdog420 02-29-2012 01:51 PM

Try wiping the hd and do a fresh install with the os. If it still locks up...the hd might be bad

Crysalis 02-29-2012 03:15 PM

Re: HELP i messed up win7 install on ssd!!!
Which SSD is it? I've seen some people having issues with 120gb Corsairs and needing to update the firmware on the drive. Maybe give that a shot...

marcd455 02-29-2012 03:21 PM

Re: HELP i messed up win7 install on ssd!!!
i use this hard drive daily for a few years now. i only popped out the hard drive so i could clean install windows (same copy that is installed onto hard drive) onto the ssd. during the windows install on the ssd my pc froze and i was forced to restart. after restarting no matter what i tried i was given the screen ""Loading operating system... BOOTMGR is missing Press ctrl alt del to restart". after i was denied loading windows on my ssd i disconnected it and tried to reconnect my hard drive (which is my main computer with the same copy of windows loaded onto it) but when i did this everything started up normal and when windows began to load it crashes and resets computer putting me at a screen with 2 options 1st is to start windows normally which results in the same thing or the 2nd option is to try and repair windows which i also tried (3 times with no result). People are suggesting i just reinstall but this is the issue at hand, i cannot reinstall windows and now i cannot boot my pc up normally off my normal drive so i am screwed. Could this have happened becuase i tried to use the same copy of windows on my ssd that i already have installed on my hard drive? and maybe thats why i cannot boot my hard drive up now? I do not know what to do at this point and i am pretty computer dependant, i am really really hoping someone with the correct knowledge and patience can help me out i am in a pretty ****ty situation at the moment. any and all help in greatly appreciated

GhOsT1321 02-29-2012 05:13 PM

Re: HELP i messed up win7 install on ssd!!!
Boot from the windows install CD and reinstall. Do not boot from your HDD.

Joe C 02-29-2012 07:44 PM

Re: HELP i messed up win7 install on ssd!!!
Did you power your pc down when you replaced the ssd with your regular hdd? shut your pc down (un-plug it from the wall for 10 minutes) and re-try with your hdd. If it still does not boot, you can try a start up repair
Startup Repair - Windows 7 Forums

If you get no joy from that, try to restore the MBR (Master Boot Record)
MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record - Windows 7 Forums

There is no reason that you should get the W7 installer when you put your old drive back in if it was disconnected and you removed the power from your pc when you disconnected/reconnected the drives

You can try to reinstall windows on the ssd drive after you power off your pc (un-plug it), ground yourself out on the frame of the pc and pop the ssd drive back in
My corsair ssd has a green light on it and will turn red if it fails. Did you notice any lights on the ssd?

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