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Default Hard Drive Partitioning with 2K/XP Setup Disk?

I'm thinking about buying a laptop, but it comes with all these pre-installed software and stuff and the OS might not be the one I want. I will probably end up formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows (2K or XP, not sure yet, any suggestions?). The only concern of mine is will the setup/format utility in 2K Pro and XP Pro support large (60, 80, or 100 GB) hard drives or will I need another patitioning utility? I know that in DOS you can only partition up to 2048 MB. Thanks

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I know in XP Pro it does. I do this when I buy a pc from a vendor like Dell; they have all this prebundled software that I dont use/dont want so I just blow it off and start off fresh.

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2000 Pro will support at least 120GB harddrives, I am sure, because it worked on my 120GB drive.

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I believe the limitation is 137. You can still have an exremely large
drive just partition it a few times. Defragging can take hours on
large drives especially the boot partition.

I would make the boot partition no more than 10 Gigs, 8 gigs uses
the 4 Kb/cluster and I think over 8 gigs clusters are 8Kb ea.

A few techs I know use roughly 40 Gig partitions for partitions that
have your saved programs, documents etc but the partitions for
large audio and video files large partitions are needed.

These are my opinions only so take this as just a suggestion.
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So it's not good to have just one large chunk? I always thought that that way you could fit the most stuff on it? And whats this about cluster sizes changing with the partition size? Never heard about it before; could you tell me more about it?
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Well, Ive allready got into it when arguing about whether cluster
size matters so I dont want to deal with that here. Do an internet
search on partition size/cluster size and if it matters to you then
follow what is outlined. BTW, im not sure if this even matters when
using an NTFS file system, you can research that as well.

In terms of partition size, I would use words like "practical" over
"good" or "bad", but...........

Like I mentioned before, if you have a "single" drive as "1" partition
it takes forever to defrag the drive because of it being the boot
drive and much more care is needed in moving files around versus
data files. Defragging a data drive only, the process is relatively
quick even on a partition 3 times the size of the boot drive.

Another reason to have more than one partition is to have your
programs/audio/video files on a seperate partition so as not to
have to worry about anything when reformatting/reinstalling your
OS. What I mean by programs is those nifty freeware programs
youve been collecting for years etc. I have 3 or 4 Gigs of freeware
alone that rest on my data partition. All my cd's(audio files i've
burned to my pc) is on my audio partition. I have a seperate
partition for all my dvd's ive ripped to my pc.

If your pc is not a "Wherehouse" for your CDs or videos and you
only have a few of each then none of this matters but if you have
a "collection" then the "arrangement" or "partitions" of your pc's
hard drives becomes relevant-IMO. So...........

Finally, there are 2 things happening simultaneously with the advent
of larger/cheaper hard drives and cd/dvd burners. It is becoming
increasingly more efficient to use hard drives for storage over cd/dvd.

Do you want 300 cd's or 60 dvd's or ONE hard drive lying around
with your collection of goods on it. It is much easier and more reliable
to setup a chain of a few drives or have a "hot-swappable" setup for
storing your lifes work/love. This doesnt mean you dont need cd/dvd
anymore, and the "hard drive as storage" is a drive that may not
always be on ie: hot swappable or removed until needed so as to
protect the data. External hard drives dont have to come on when
the pc boots so as to prolong its life.

Thats my story and Im stickin' to it........
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If my laptop came installed with drivers along with the bundled software, will the drivers be available for re-download?
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yes, just make sure u have a reference of where to download the drivers from..

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