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Old 08-05-2003, 06:46 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Talking hahah Micro$oft...

I just saw something on the Early Today show saying how Linux has been approved to run on Ultra sensitive government computers ie, FBI, Banks, Top Secret Agencies and so forth. Hell That's pretty damn cool.
Long Live Linux!!!!

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UNIX is the only one for me

Besides, it's not like anyone likes the FBI or the Bank



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LOL Shan I was reading that on MSNBC.com today (ironic, isn't it?.) It's about time the government woke up.
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I :love: Linux!
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Linux did well. It out did it's master, Windows.
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Redhat and others that (re)package/(re)distribute linux are fighting SCO claims...hope that doesn't wrench the increasing 'awakening' of open-source to the business/government world. I personally don't think that linux has infringed on tech patents, but I can see it being fought over -- it is potentially a huge market.

Especially since the world outside the US, namely the EU is bringing up proof that M$ did, and is currently still practicing anti-trust violations. Some of the points:

-Media Player packged with OS (familiar somehow!)
-Hiding information within OS code which can not be accessed by 3rd party programmers gives M$ home turf advantage for applications
-Deceit and unfair pricing is ongoing
-They want code released and/or other media software packaged/bundled w OS

With linux gaining populariy, and 'cred,' --China, the EU, India, African nations are seeing the extreme cost benefits of open source. I read about a poor school in South Africa that had been asking M$ for software discounts for years...only to be snuffed and even acrimonious with. Good do'ers set the school up with open source, and 17 computers which is a growing trend. Seeing the comming worldwide backlash and impending doom, M$ tried to make nice and donate free software to the school- which they refused. Why is Bill Gates donating millions of dollars to charities around the world? Guilty conscience for outlandish prices during the domination of Windows? -- ie hundreds of american dollars for liscenses that 20 people in a 3rd wolrd country couldn't afford in a year. A man and comapny dominate a market, and he becomes the richest man in the entire freakin' world in the span of a decade - hmm....something smells fishy -duh.

M$ totally sees doom comming. The're strategy is to live off the 60+ billion that that the company has in profit to see them through the lean years comming for them and the legal multilemas.

/**--> End Crackpot rant

Been PDA shopping too, was nice to see linux running on PDAs. Linux on my TiVo too! Go penguin.

Also heard of a new java desktop manager that supposedly freakin' rocks -- called Wizarddesk, Magicbox, or something like that...anyone know about it? It supposedly has a mirrored 3d desk space that is next generation?...

*update: found the desktop article about Sun's 'Mad Hatter' desktophttp://www.itworld.com/Comp/2126/030806madhatter
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well it's fair enough that tey want to use Linux, it is free unlike Windows

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