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U-Toast 08-31-2004 07:55 PM

good email??
ok iv had enough of hotmail, they just piss me off soo much. What are some good email sites yall know? is gmail good? u get lotsa free space :D

Shadow9684 08-31-2004 08:07 PM

yahoo gives you 100mb, i doubt you'll ever need 1gb for email, and i dont trust them with the content of all my emails, plus u need an invite for gmail

U-Toast 08-31-2004 08:08 PM

i know, hehe, it was interesting tho, il check out yahoo, any others?

TheMajor 09-01-2004 05:54 AM (german though)1GB

TheMajor 09-01-2004 05:54 AM

sorry, doublepost

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