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tekno_ct 05-28-2005 02:44 PM

Firefox : Unable to Highlight
I have been using Firefox for quite awhile, but recently, it seem to have lost the ability to highlight selected texts after I press Ctrl-F. I tried clicking on Highlight a few times but it still does not show, anyone know a fix for this? I have tried the firefox support forum, but it was buried so quickly that no one responded.

Blitze105 05-28-2005 03:20 PM

That is odd, i can. I suggest re installing it. Control+F on mine makes it to you can search for words, so why do you need to highlight?
are you saying that it wont highlight stuff to find it?

heyu 05-28-2005 05:29 PM

ctrl+F = search (shows the search bar at the bottom of firefox)
reinstall it

tekno_ct 05-28-2005 09:31 PM

I have reinstall it. Twice actually. I was able to use Highlight before after clicking Highlight when I press Ctrl-f, but that no longer works.

talldude123 05-28-2005 11:27 PM

did you try to select all (ctrl+a), and then hold control and select text with the arrow keys? I haven't tried Firefox (it looks too bland for me), but it should work?...

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