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Law 04-28-2006 01:26 AM

FireFox and Proxy server.
So I setup a proxy server to filter out URL. However I can not find a way to stop user from changing the setting in FireFox. However I can use GPO to automaticly configure the proxy setting for IE and disable user from changing it.

I can uninstall all other browsers and let users to only use IE and deny them from installing any other browsers, but I would not like to go this way since I would like to encourage those to use FireFox. There are also users who prefer using FireFox since they love the tab browsing. I can not use IE7 because these are 2000 Pro clients. I am not even considering upgrading to XP (these are lowend machines,plus no money). So if anyone have any idea that I haven't come up with yet please help me out.

The Proxy server is located in the same network segment. Can I move this server between the Router and Switch so that all traffic must pass through it, even though User can change the setting can the filtering still work?

jbc 04-28-2006 02:27 PM

Think of the soultion to this problem the same way that you would solve the problem in IE. Neither IE or provide the capabilites to disable there own functions. You would disable Firefoxes capabilities using hte same methods that you would use on IE.

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