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neo_kryptik 06-10-2006 05:01 AM

Dummy Terminals
Some time back i had seen advertisements in a technology magazine about a device that could be used to share a single computer as two different ones. It was a software-hardware combo that worked from the USB port(not ethernet) and it was used to add terminals to an existing windows box. so basically u just needed to plugin their box to ur USB and then....plug in upto 5 sets of monitors and keyboards and make 5 terminals.....
can anyone here explain to me how these work?
I have been trying to look on the net but i have no idea what to call such a setup- this is not a conventional dummy terminal-not a diskless workstation. what do u call this thing? i wanna know coz i'm interested in making something like this.

Win2kpatcher 06-10-2006 06:35 AM

Yes...I have setup something like this for a client in the past...ayeee it was quite some time ago I was trying to remember the name of the little boxes that were used to connect back to the main computer via a remote desktop session....let me sleep on it it may come to me after more beer.

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